How to get your hands on a Coffee Lake CPU

The  Coffee Lake processors are out of stock everywhere however you can still get your hands on one if you’re willing to pay above retail.

When Coffee Lake first came out I didn’t bother trying to get an i7-8700k because I knew they would be unavailable for months because of the low inventory levels will Intel rushing the release to combat Ryzen.

However I soon remembered that I was the admin of this website and should probably do my best to get my hands on one if I could. I did some research and was able to snag a i7-8700k, i5-8600k, i3-8350k and an i3-8100 within a couple hours.

Intel i3-8350k

The i3-8350k was the easiest to get for me to get and didn’t have to do any of the special methods below.

Fry’s has them in stock and you can purchase it through Google Checkout and get $30 or 20% your first purchase, which will mitigate the price gouging. I ordered it and it was at my house within 2 days.

Although Fry’s normally doesn’t do online orders for these kinds of items they do if you order it through Google Express instead of their actual website, weird?

i7-8700k and i5-8600k

Method 1:

The first method is to use NowInStock where you can set up to receive text messages when an item comes in stock. You can also sign up to receive email alerts although they wont be as fast.

Method 2:

I like this second method more compared to the first because your at your computer and therefore able to make the purchase much faster. You basically use a web extension to constantly refresh a website to monitor for changes.

  •  Install  Distill Web Extension
  • Navigate to the product page you want to monitor
  • Click on the Distill blue eye drop icon
  • Click Monitor full page.
  • Set an interval to check the page every x amount of time. Since I really wanted an i7-8700k I set mine to 20 seconds and the i5-8600k wasn’t my priority so I set that interval to 2 minutes.

I prefer to monitor Newegg over Amazon as Newegg sells their stock in small batches and can frequently go in stock multiple times a day giving us multiple opportunities to snag one for ourselves. You will want to make sure you have an account setup already on Newegg so that your not stuck making an account while everyone buys up the stock.

Since Distill monitors for all changes you will want to narrow it based on if an item is in stock or not so you do get a bunch of flash flag notifications. To do that:

  • Scroll down to conditions
  • Click Add Condition
  • Select Added text | has
  • For the text box below find the exact text the product page would have if it was in stock for example if the website was Newegg it would be Add To Cart if it was Amazon it would be Add to Cart
  • Click Save
  • You’ll receive a popup and a sound chime if it comes instock (Sometimes there are false flags)

Newegg example


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Aside from 2 additional cores and maybe 10% performance boost over kaby Lake i7-7700K, do you see any other advantages of i7-8700K for Hackintosh? I have a z170x Gigabyte Gaming 7 and i7-7700K that I’m looking to Hackintosh with Vega64, but wondering if I should unload the mobo and cpu for Coffee Lake and compatible mobo (Asrock seems to be this site blog recommendation)? What’s most important to me is all features of a standard Mac work on the Hackintosh, with least amount of workarounds and hacks.


This is one of the cleanest Hackintosh sites out there..Nice work.. hope you keep it going, noticed there hasn’t been any posts in a while.