High Sierra now available for download

High Sierra is out and I’ve had a chance to install it on my new mini silver ASUS hackintosh. Here’s what it has to offer for hackintoshers and  how well it runs. High Sierra is available for download on the App Store

Why Hackintosh?

There’s a couple reason why you would want to build a hackintosh if you don’t already have one namely:

  • Like the way macOS looks and feels
  • Don’t have $2000 to toss on a new Mac
  • Need to use macOS  creative software like FCPX or Logic
  • A developer who just wants to use XCode and nothing else
Why Upgrade to High Sierra?
  1. Metal 2 expands opportunities for VR on macOS and improved graphical performance
  2. Native Support for third party NVME drives
  3. Increased support for certain AMD graphics cards. If you were unable to get a specific AMD graphics card working in Sierra 10.12.6 it’s worth another shot to try and get it working in 10.13
  4. Access to the new Apple File System (APFS)
  5. Not to different from Sierra I was able to get it run stably on my ASUS Hackintosh Build

But there’s one feature in my opinion that makes High Sierra super desirable to me:

High Sierra lock option

A lock button!

Current High Sierra Hackintosh issues

As of September 2017 these are the current issues early adopters are having on High Sierra in the Hackintosh Community:

  • Booting can take longer
  • Requires APFS.efi and HFS.efi to boot a APFS configured drive
  • APFS is built for Mac’s not the Hackintosh Community and it’s still an unknown factor how well it will hold up for us. There is a way to opt out of using the APFS  by updating instead of clean install of High Sierra. See: How to opt out of APFS in High Sierra
  • Screen waking on boot/wake is a lot longer to the point you would think  something’s wrong. When I’m booting the screen will go black for like 10 seconds after the apple logo bar loads all the way. It’s the same thing when waking. What normally takes 4 to 5 seconds for the screen to wake on Sierra it takes 10-15 seconds on High Sierra.
  • USB 3 speeds don’t work yet you’ll be stuck on USB 2 speeds for the time being.
  • AMD and Intel iGPU graphics work fine, but GTX team green users will be at the mercy of Nvidia, when and if they decide to release Web Drivers for 10.13. My Gigabyte RX 560 works, just fine on High Sierra so if you need something temporary or want to switch it’s a good pick.

Audio, Ethernet and iMessage all work just fine!

High Sierra Hackintosh Guide

I wrote a guide on how to update to High Sierra 10.13 from Sierra 10.12.6 you can read about it here:

Updating your Hackintosh to High Sierra 10.13

I’ll make a full clean install guide later as their is a little more work involved.

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another method of locking the screen (doesn’t require high sierra):
Open Keychain Access -> Preferences -> Show keychain status in menu bar.
a lock icon appears in the menu bar with “Lock Screen” as one of the options.


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