Tutorial – How-to Build a Hackintosh

This hackintosh tutorial provides a brief overview of the requirements and steps that need to be fulfilled in order to turn a custom PC into a working hackintosh. Here’s what you’ll need…


1. 8GB+ Flash Drive

A USB Flash Drive is needed to hold the install files for macOS. The flash drive must also be 8gb or larger. This is necessary so that it can fit the operating system that you want to install  storage capactivity

2. A Computer Running macOS

The macOS installer can only while running macOS. Not everyone has access to a mac or hackintosh to use or borrow. For those people they’ll need to create a virtual machine running macOS on a Windows/Linux PC. You can learn how to do that here

3. OSX .dmg installer

To create the installer on the USB drive you’ll need the .dmg install file of the version of macOS. If you plan to use El Capitan instead of Sierra we recommend using the latest version El Capitan 10.11.6 as it is the most compatible with the latest hardware available for a hackintosh.

You can download a copy of either EL Capitan or Sierra from the app store or from one of the various links over at the Download Locations

4. Hackintosh Bootloader

The Bootloader is what allows macOS to boot on a custom PC. The guides on this website are based on the Clover EFI Bootloader method, that is the most reliable way to make a hackintosh.

5. Compatible Parts

First time Hackintosher’s may want to follow one of the build guilds for maximum part compatibility. If the parts you get are not compatible you wont be able to run macOS. Also some parts don’t mix well together such as the ram and motherboard which can lead to Kernel Panics or your machine crashing.

  1. CPU – You’ll need an Intel Quad Core/Thread CPU if you want a hackintosh that works with minimal issues. Intel processors work natively on macOS, on the other hand AMD processors are very difficult to get working and currently not compatible at all with Ryzen, but if you have old AMD CPU try http://amd-osx.com/
  2. Motherboard – Gigabyte and Asus are the goto for hackintoshers because they are the most stable at running macOS so we recommend purchasing one of those. The motherboard also has to be compatible with your cpu this website has guides mostly on the LGA 1151 chipset which is the Skylake and Kabylake platform CPU’s.
  3. RAM – Purchasing RAM that is perfectly compatible is your motherboard is necessary on a hackintosh because not doing so can lead to memory corruption, resulting in kernel panics or system crashes. Check your motherboard manufacturers website for a list of RAM that has passed the ram compatibility test.
  4. Disk – Almost all SSD’s and HDD’s work on a hackintosh. NVME storage requires extra steps to get working.
  5. Power Supply – What power supply you go with isn’t really important, but if you go with a cheap one you go with the heightened risk of it failing or shorting out your motherboard and drives so we recommend going with a $40+ one.
  6. Case – Go with any computer case you’d like.

If you want minimal issues for your hackintosh visit the Build Guides

Hackintosh Installation:

STEP 1: Creating an EFI Bootloader

After you have access to a computer/virtual machine running macOS as well as having downloaded a copy of macOS you need to create the installer which you’ll need that 8GB+ flash drive for. You can learn how to create a bootable installer by following the Bootloader EFI Tutorial

STEP 2: Installing macOS

After you create the bootloader installer use it to install macOS onto your Hackintosh PC. The Installer Tutorial covers how to do just that.

STEP 3: Fully Working Hackintosh

After macOS is running on your hackintosh there may be things that aren’t working. Graphics acceleration, audio, ethernet and wifi may require additional steps  to get working.If you followed one of our “Build Guides” everything should be working. If you didn’t check out the Guides on how to get various things working.

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Hi there,

for many reason I want use MSI products for my Hackintosh… what do you think about MSI H270 Gaming M3?

This MoBo mount ALC1220 audio controller and E2500 for the network.

What do you think about?? I have to leave MSI for Gigabyte?
Why do you advice all MoBo Z series?