New version of macOS 10.3 High Sierra Detailed: Features, improvements, release date, system requirements and more

At WWDC 2017 Apple announced the latest version of Mac OS called MacOS High Sierra.  High Sierra will bring a number of new features and performance improvements to mac users as well as lay the groundwork for future software innovations from Apple.

Why is 10.13 called High Sierra?

Since there aren’t as many significant changes from Sierra 10.12 Apple decided to stick with a similar name instead of a new and creative one. They did the same thing with the release of OSX Leopard and Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard was very similar to Leopard and was more of an update, which is also going to be true for Sierra and High Sierra there isn’t that many differences.

What’s the difference?

High Sierra is all about improving the performance of Mac OS while adding a few useful features as well as acting as a steeping stone for the future of the Mac. Here’s a list of some of the new things coming with 10.13:


The most exciting thing coming to Mac OS is support for external GPU enclosure which will increase substaintially increase the graphical performance of Mac’s. Metal 2 has also been introduced, which is what various graphic intesive applications like FCPX and various vidoeo games use. Metal 2 will be update to 10 times faster in some ways improving performance. Metal 2 puts an emphasis on virtual reality and lays the groundwork for future VR Software that is to be brought to macOS.

New File System

Mac OS High Sierra mostly brings a new file system to Mac OS called Apple File System (APFS). This replaces the existing Hierarchical File System (HFS) and will make access files on your disk drive much faster.

Fast Search

 Searching files with Finder & Splotlight will be much faster due to the new file APFS file system.


In addition to being able to search through your files faster in Finder there will also be a new sidebar that will make navigating through your files, photos and videos much easier.


Safari always gets improvements with every update, but this time around it seems to be more significant. Safari will supposibily be the faster browser available due to apple improving the underlying javascript code  which will in turn cause it be faster then the most popular browser out there Chrome, 80% faster according to Apple.

There will also be a feature to prevent auto playing video ads on Youtube and other websites and make it easier to identity which tab is playing audio by showing an audio icon in the tab bar like Chrome.

Safari will also make it harder for advertisers and other behavior tracking tools from being able to track everywhere you go by identifying and blocking cross-site tracking. This was designed to better protect the privacy of Safari users, unlike Chrome which without any extensions always anyone to track you. Which is why you will often see ads and popups of things you or someone that lives with you searched beforehand.


A new video codec HEVC(High Efficiency Video Coding, also known as H.265) is being brought to 10.13. that will be able to compress video up to 40% more than the outgoing  H.264 codec it supersedes. H.265 was designed with 4k video and will use less space on your Mac while retaining the same quality.


The Photos app was introduced recently in a previous version of Mac OS is getting a overhaul in High Sierra. What was mostly a photo viewers and organizer is bieng turned into something closer to something like a Lite Photoshop with new editing tools. You’ll also be able to edit Live Photos that you take on your phone.

10.13 High Sierra Release Date?

High Sierra will be available for download through the App Store this fall according to Apple. Knowing their previous release Dates this usually means the end of September into October.

Get High Sierra Early Access

High Sierra Beta will be available for members of Apple’s Paid Developers Program. If you are a member of Apple’s Paid Developers Program you can download it from Apple’s Beta Software Program here

Public beta for everyone outside the Developers Program will be available later this month or early next month.

Supported Hardware

  • MacBook Pro 2010+
  • MacBook 2009+
  • MacBook Air 2010+
  • Mac Pro 2010+
  • iMac Late 2009+
  • Mac mini 2010+

Will High Sierra 10.13 be Hackintosh Compatible?

It’s very lightly that High Sierra will work on a custom build hackintosh when it releases. You can read about custom Sierra PCs by checking out our Hackintosh Build Guides. This new file system APFS will have to be compatible with third party hard drive’s since High Sierra supports older Mac’s that can swappable drives, so this not likely to be a problem. 10.13 may very well  be even more compatible with hackintosh users due to the all the native drivers it brings with the increased presence of AMD graphics cards and a potential Intel X299 chipset in the iMac Pro. This opens of the possibility of using custom hardware based on these parts as part of a hackintosh build.

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