• Hello Adhawk!
    I have a little heart to thank you for helping me. This is my first time using Paypal, I don't know if there is any wrong operation, hope it comes to the right place. Thank you!
    great forum !

    I wondered if you could help me for a small project.

    I'd like to build a Hackintosh mini. I'd need your help for picking up the parts or choosing a barebone unit and of course the conf files.

    Let me know if you could do that and how much youd' like in return for your time and expertise.


    hello good morning, please you can help my? I have a hp envy x360 convertible computer, intel motherboard and 8 gigabyte of ream, an NVIDIA 930m graphide card, I want to install Catalina or mojave there, please help me, I would like to point out that I already have one Windows 10 on the computer and I just want to have a dual boot, I really count on you. thank you in advance
    Requests for help need to be made in the 'Help Me' forum not here.
    In and out of hospital again due to on-going health issues, so not on the forum, won't be for a while.
    hey mate, "hackintosher" hasn't posted any guides to updating to Carolina. was wondering if you could post a guide to doing that?
    Can I please have your Skype account or something? I really need to set my new PC. I have started loosing hope since I have been trying for the past 3 days with no luck...

    Returned to the Forum after a break to deal with some health issues.
    hope you're feeling better - thank you for all the assistance you've given everyone!
    Hi Edhawk :)

    I recently Purchased a PC with Configuration :

    - Gigabyte B360 Aorus Motherboard
    - Intel i7-8700k Processor
    - 16 GB Ram
    - 500 GB SSD AND 2 TB SSHD

    Can I install OSX on this PC ? Sierra or Higher ?
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