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    List of Hackintosh USB Port Limit Patches (10.15 Updated)

    10.14.4 Port Limit Removal Patch by PMHeart 83FB0F0F 870B0400 00 83FB3F0F 870B0400 00 USB Port Limit Patch 1 ©PMHeart 10.14.4 4183FF0F 0F839404 0000 4183FF3F 0F839404 0000 USB Port Limit Patch 2 ©PMHeart 10.14.4...
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    OS X 10.14.3 & Aorus Z370 Gaming 7 BIOS F12C

    Ok I have no idea why it is not working.
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    OS X 10.14.3 & Aorus Z370 Gaming 7 BIOS F12C

    Using F11 BIOS for your mobo?
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    OS X 10.14.3 & Aorus Z370 Gaming 7 BIOS F12C

    If you followed some of the earlier guides, you may have a kext conflict. I had the same thing happen when I upgraded my kexts. Shiki & IntelGraphicsFixUp have both merged with Whatevergreen, so if you have Whatevergreen 1.2.1 or above you need to delete Shiki and IntelGraphicsFixUp kexts from...
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    OS X 10.14.3 & Aorus Z370 Gaming 7 BIOS F12C

    Upgraded my Hackintosh in the last fews days with 10.14.3 update, which went smoothly with no USB or sound issues (am just using the current USB kext patch)! A pleasant surprise!! I upgraded the BIOS on my Aorus Z370 Gaming 7 from F11 to F12C and the newer BIOS does not boot up OS X (in either...
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    10.14.2 TM back ups slow? [solved]

    Noticed after installing 10.14.2 update that TM functioned normally for a time but all of a sudden it's been approx 10-20x slower than normal during back ups to external USB HDD, whilst carbon copy cloner still backs up at normal speed. Anyone else had the same issue? Update: was a drive file...
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    Apologies for not replying to this thread earlier. I am eyeing up the two proper methods, either creating custom SSDT or USB kext, will do it over Xmas. I seem to have managed to get by so far with the USB kext patch for 10.14.1 but it's unnecessary aggravation every time I update the OS. Cheers.
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    10.14.2 audio fix for ALC1220? [Solved]

    I've tried all the different recommended Devices inject variables for ALC1220 but none of them seem to work for HDMI Audio on 10.14.2. Has anyone figured out a workaround? Otherwise I assume it will be fixed in the next version of AppleALC. Cheers. Update: I installed the Debug version of the...
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    Occasionally clover reboot - Mojave

    compare the kexts, did u still have Shiki.kext?
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    Occasionally clover reboot - Mojave

    I think you can get rid of all the .dSYM files but that won't help solve your problem. Mine does the same thing maybe 20% of the time.
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    Any idea to fix crackling noise in headphones?

    Do you get coil whine when using the headphones socket on this mobo? I selected HDMI output then plugged my headphones into the monitor and the coil whine disappeared.
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    OSX 10.14 Mojave won't open .jpg files v3 of the kext is out now
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    OSX 10.14 Mojave won't open .jpg files

    You download from: You only use NoVPAJpeg.kext, and stick that in your EFI/Clover/kexts/Other folder. Ignore the .kext.dSYM file. You could also put it locally like in the thread but I'd do the above. Only ever download the...
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    Anyone installed this? I did it last night via the OS X Update notification and everything seems to work as well as it did before with the exception of front I/O USB3 which is now not working again. It did check for updates again once it had downloaded it, and then found the same update again...
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    Looking for help getting USB working on Mojave It won't work for 10.14.1 though I don't think as 10.14.1 just broke it.

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