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    Solved > [Guide] How to fix Final Cut Pro Crashes on Startup (open) UHD630 + RX580 High Sierra/ Mojave

    I was so depressed for almost a week and tons of fresh reinstall Hackintosh to find the solution for my Hackintosh system which was only worked if IGPU turned off (FCPX work with RX580 and without GPU acceleration) or IGPU turned on, having GPU acceleration and FCPX crashes while opening. I...
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    RX 580 - MOJAVE 10.4.5 - hardware encoding support: NO and black screen after waking up from sleep

    I'm having issues after refreshing install Mojave from this. and fix GPU acceleration in this link. Besides: I already tried some method to fix black screen after waking up from sleep like this, or this or this, but nothing works. Main: Gigabyte B360M Aorus Pro CPU Kaby lake: Core I7-8700 GPU...

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