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    Hackintosh waking up from sleep

    OS: Mojave 10.14 Processor: i7 8700k Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 I created my Hackintosh following the guide here and till high Sierra I did not get any issues. But after upgrading to Mojave I noticed that my system wakes up automatically after sleep in 8-9 hours. I have kept...
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    [Success] MSI RX 580 MK2

    Hi, Just wanted to share that MSI RX 580 MK2 works out of the box in Hackintosh. I followed the guide here and got exact same parts as the Gigabyte Gaming 7 Aorus build. Exception was the GPU which was 560 in the guide. I used iGPU for a while and when got a deal on 580 pulled the trigger. I...
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    Using old PC parts and adding some new one to create fast mackintosh

    I already have a desktop PC with me and I want to make a hackintosh using some of it's parts and also upgrading the processor to i7-8700k. Below are the parts that I think I should be able to reuse. As you know, graphics cards and RAM is very expensive right now so I don't want to invest too...