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    Removing Clover Boot

    I have my hackintosh OS on a different drive. How would I go back to just booting into windows alone? Can I just disconnect/format the hackintosh drive? I ask because I recall clover booting even when I had Windows 10 drive as the default.
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    Can't Enable Hardware Encoding & HEVC Support for FCPX

    I am running an Aorus Gaming 5 with 8700K on 10.13.4 The main use of my machine is video editing so this is of particular interest. I followed this guide: How to fix video rendering issues in FCPX High Sierra (Hardware Encoding & HEVC Support) I did everything in there and could not get MacX...
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    Dual Boot Different Drives Installation Help - 8700K

    Hey there, I have the Aorus Gaming 5 motherboard and the 8700K. According to this guide I should be fine to follow it. A few things though is that this guide links you to the guide to installing on USB and then the guide to installing on your HD. I want to dual boot Windows 10 and Mac on...

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