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    Help me Hackintoshers, you are my only hope!

    I am having a miserable time with sleep/wake on my build. It works fine on Mojave, but with Catalina, its kind of awful. First, the build Coffee Lake i7, 3.7 Ghz GA-Z370n-wifi Samsung NVMe SSD NOTE: I'm using HDMI Audio Catalina 10.15.5 EFI Attached (apple folder omitted due to file size...
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    SSDT Repository

    Would there be any value to the community in creating a place where users could upload SSDT patches for USB that we've made for various motherboards?
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    USB Inject All

    Ok, this has been driving me nuts. i'm trying to find a definitive answer to this, and have found lots of conflicting information.... I've made a SSDT patch for my USB ports for my GA370n-wifi board (attached if anyone wants to use it). With this patch: 1. Do I still need my config.plist to...
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    Dual Display

    From what I've read, dual displays don't work on hackintoshes unless you unplug the 2nd monitor and plug it back in everytime, which is annoying and stupid. However, i wondered, is it possible write a script that could run at login that would toggle the signal from the 2nd HDMI port on and off...
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    Scheduled Startup

    Is it possible for hackintoshes to be scheduled to auto startup at a specified time using energy saver or pmset?
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    Disable auto-logout at login screen?

    I have FV2 enabled on my hackintoshes. If you restart them, but no one logs into them in, say 5 minutes or so, they automatically power off. Does anyone know whether this can be disabled so that the machines just stay at the login screen? Is this a pmset issue or is it a clover boot-flag...
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    GA-H270N-wifi 10.13.6

    Has anyone updated a Kabylake Hack using a GA-H270N-wifi to 10.13.6? I'd love to see your EFI folder. I've been stuck trying to get rid of the graphics glitch and get HDMI audio working
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    Coffee Lake Sleep

    I'm wondering just what degree of sleep is available on coffee lake builds? I have several i3 builds and one i7, all with iGPU. I can get display sleep, but that is it. In energy saver I have to check "Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off" and uncheck "Enable...