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  1. Edhawk

    Safe to update from Catalina 10.15.5 to 10.15.6 ?

    You can also install the Supplemental update for Catalina 10.15.6.
  2. Edhawk

    Safe to update from Catalina 10.15.5 to 10.15.6 ?

    Yes, it worked just fine on my AMD FX system. Just remember to create a backup/clone of your current drive, before running the update.
  3. Edhawk

    Mojave randomly wakes up from sleep

    Sounds like something is wrong with your USB configuration, if the keyboard hub is acting in the manner described. The Bluetooth and card reader (USB2.0-CRW) should be the only Internal USB 2 devices. I am not sure they should both be connected on port HS11. I would normally assume they are...
  4. Edhawk

    Mojave randomly wakes up from sleep

    Have you tried one of the other Hibernatemode settings mentioned in the guide, i.e. Hibernatemode=3 or 25 in place of 0? From the information provided in the post above I would comment as follows: You are using SoundFlower audio volume app/controller. Have you tried running the system with...
  5. Edhawk

    [SOLVED] Catalina 10.15.2 don't boot with RX 5700 XT

    @rafbits I have had a quick look at your OC folder and would comment as follows: Kexts: You have FakeSMC.kext present in your /OC/kexts folder. As you are using VirtualSMC.kext it it probably just as well that FakeSMC.kext is not being injected, i.e. the kext is not included in your...
  6. Edhawk

    I have an issue with the Integrated Graphics,,

    You probably need to change the AAPL-ig-platform-id in your config.plist. This can be found under the DeviceProperties section of your When using just the IGPU (UHD 630) you need to inject the following Platform ID 0700923E, which equates to the 0x3E920007 platform ID used for a Coffee Lake...
  7. Edhawk

    Mojave randomly wakes up from sleep

    Have you looked at the Hibernation and sleep settings your system is using? Have a read of this guide by Allan over at InsanelyMac - Configuring the USB ports, setting the correct Power/Energy Saving...
  8. Edhawk

    Remove Audio Output Devices?

    One possible reason for you seeing the multiple audio devices is that your system is using different/multiple kexts to create the audio devices present in your system. You should check that you don't have any other audio kexts other than AppleALC.kext installed/injected, either from your...
  9. Edhawk

    Remove Audio Output Devices?

    How have you activated the built-in Audio devices? I assume WhateverGreen.kext is providing the necessary patches for your dGPU's DP/HDMI audio. The best way to get your motherboard audio working is to inject Lilu.kext & AppleALC.kext with the correct Audio Layout ID injected from your...
  10. Edhawk

    Graphics glitches after Mojave install

    Have a look this fix for legacy graphics by Chris111 - Installing the Legacy Video Patcher should work for your HD2500 IGPU, according to reports on other sites where this patcher has been discussed -...
  11. Edhawk

    [Solved] Updating OpenCore 0.5.9 to 0.6 (BlacklistAppleUdate)

    The 'BlacklistAppleUpdate' option has been removed from OpenCore 0.6.0 Release. It has been replaced with the 'run-efi-updater' NVRAM variable, according to the latest release documentation. Remove the BlacklistAppleUpdate option from your OC config.plist
  12. Edhawk

    Help! Fenvi T919 Airdrop is spotty at best

    Look at the AirDrop settings on your Hack. You may need to change them to allow the system to interact with your other devices. Open Finder, navigate to the AirDrop tab, check the 'Allow me to be Discovered By...' option is not set to 'No One', as shown in the first screenshot below. Make...
  13. Edhawk

    DW 1560 big sur beta 3

    Which VoodoPS2 kext are you using, Acidanthera’s or Rehabman's? if using acidanthera’s version are you also using/injecting VoodooInput.kext?
  14. Edhawk

    z97-d3h i7 4790 rx580 8gb nitro+ mojave 10.14.6

    I've downloaded your EFI folder and will have a look at this tomorrow.
  15. Edhawk

    All-out video editing Hackintosh Build

    The SSDT's created using Corpnewt's SSDTTime script would be better than the pre-built ones, as they would be specific to your system, as they are based on your specific boards DSDT. I will have a look at the EFI folder and two log's and see what I can suggest, probably nothing forthcoming till...
  16. Edhawk

    DW 1560 big sur beta 3

    You may need to use a Fake ID of 14e4:43ba or 14e4:43b0 for the DW1560 card. Not sure how you would apply this with OpenCore, easy to do with Clover. The reason I think a fake ID might help is because the Vendor/Device ID for the DW1560 card is normally 14e4:43b1, some cards are known to end...
  17. Edhawk

    Email Server issues

    Possibly this issue has been fixed, as there are 6 new site members today/currently.
  18. Edhawk

    fenvi t919 + airdrop issues on mojave with ASUS z370-a prime II motherboard

    The PCIe card should work out of the box with macOS. If as you say you have the USB working correctly and the bluetooth and WiFi works, then they don't at other times, it is unlikely to be a software issue. More likely to be a defective PCIe card/usb cable issue, in any opinion. You may...
  19. Edhawk

    catalina problems from the start; the boot drive won't boot

    Post a copy of your CLOVER folder include a copy of the ACPI tables for your system. I will have a look at what you are using and compare it to the CLOVER folder and settings I am using on an nearly identical build (my iMac1 & iMac2 systems).
  20. Edhawk

    Faultless GA-Z68XP Install

    @ManoucheTunes I’m not in the best of health, but that has nothing to do with COVID-19. Sorry but I have no idea what is causing this hard drive freezing issue. I don’t use drives of that capacity so have no experience of the issues that can arise with drives of that size. I don’t think it is...