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    Corsair H100i V2 Waking up Hack

    Hello friends I have a hakcintosh running on Mojave 10.14.6 for over a year now, most things worked fine till now, but one of the things I could not get working from the start was the Sleep functionality. I tried the different darkwake inputs, disable wake from lan....etc Later I read...
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    I get static on my screen

    Hello Folks I have recently installed Mojave on my pc, most things seem to be working well, except one thing, my display suddenly flickers and it turns into a static noise, I have to either turn the screen off and on again, or change the input source and then choose HDMI again in order to fix...
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    Error during Mojave Install

    Hello Everyone I am trying to install MacOS Mojave on my pc. its my first Hackintosh installation so I am pretty much a novice. Here are my pc specs: Asrock z370 Extreme 4 Intel Core i5 8600k Samsung 970 M.2 500gb NVMe drive. I followed a youtube vanilla installation guide after I click on...