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  1. athiqbe

    patching dsdt

    can someone help me with patching my dsdt ? ive done a lot of research ... and i just cant apply patchs .. i get an error everytime .. with iasl .. down below you can find my dsdt note : i used SSDTTIME to export this file
  2. athiqbe

    intel u630 no acceleration on high sieera / coffe lake board

    the title say it all .. i have two same laptops .. the first i installed catalina with the help of one of the admins here ... the second one i installed high sieera in and everything works fine .. just the intel uhd 630 show 7 mb only .. i followed many tutorials .. to change values in clover...
  3. athiqbe

    Catalina: Stuck at apfs_module_start:1683

    so i downloaded mac os catalina recovery image .. through < GIBMACOS > flashed it to usb used the same clover efi file that i usually use .. but now it get stuck at apfs module start 1683 i have hp laptop 15 bc403nb core i 8750h gpu nvidia 1050 which is disabled with < nv-disabled=1> and...