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  1. jaysnuh

    H310M A 2.0 / i5-9400 / UHD630 Vanilla with 18,1 SMBIOS stuck on boot

    Hello, Hackintosher community! This is my third Hackintosh, and my first attempt to use the Vanilla installation guide here: Nothing I tried would allow me to boot into the installer. Eventually, I downloaded an EFI folder...
  2. jaysnuh

    Help me learn: why does this DSDT allow me to boot, while the "origin" DSDT will not?

    Hello all - I really appreciated this thread and the attached files. Thanks so much for taking the time to post. I came across this thread seeking a way forward, as I was completely stuck simply getting to the installer using a Vanilla USB stick. My hardware: Giagbyte H310M A2 Intel i5-9400...