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    Trackpad not working

    Hello, This is now my third successful Hackintosh but my first laptop. I have everything working except FaceTime, iMessage and the trackpad. I don't really care about the iSuite but I would like the trackpad to work. I have tried all the kexts shown in the Opencore guides (as this is what I am...
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    Immutable kernel panic

    Hello, I am getting an error while trying to load Catalina on my HP laptop. It is an intel 8250U processor and I have followed the Opencore Coffee Lake laptop guide and the Kaby Lake laptop guide but cannot get past this error. I will post the log and config list to the thread. Any help would be...
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    Intel UHD Graphics 630 not working

    I am very green when it comes to the codes of a computer. I have successfully hackintoshed a HP EliteDesk 800 but I am now trying to hackintosh a Lenovo 510A, i5-8400. I have successfully installed Mac OS 10.15.4 on it but the internal graphics (UHD 630) show 7mb. I used the vanilla desktop...