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    After Attaching 4K display, Scaling the resolution cripples my system

    When first booting with my 4K monitor, the "default for display" setting was sitting at 1920x1080. When I chose other scaling options, Larger Text - More Space, any option would result in: - My mouse stuttering across the screen, also lag when dragging windows - Overall Lag, the functionality of...
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    Bluetooth has completely disappeared from Mac OS (10.15.7) and windows 10 boot

    I've been having ongoing issues with bluetooth working and not working since building my hackintosh but this time the device has completely disappeared. I have gone over the usb mapping a handful of times, re discovering the ports and being mindful of the 15 port limit. Even in hackintool, the...
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    All App Store app downloads quit unexpectedly - New High Sierra Install

    Hey there! I managed to get my first hackintosh in (mostly) working order about 2 nights ago. One of the issues I can't figure out, or find previous solutions for, is that any app I install from the App Store immediately quits unexpectedly. Here is the error I get: Process...