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  1. blutopia

    IMessage not working

    Hello! I have a pretty much fully working Big Sur Hackintosh. The only problem is that iMessage is not working! I have tried the serial key fix as well as the nvram and En0 Fix. None if it seems to be working. Can anyone help with this issue Ive attached a video on what happens when I try to...
  2. blutopia

    [SOLVED] Graphical issues with Radeon HD 7970 Big Sur

    I Managed to Clean install Catalina and then update to Big Sur. My last standing issue with my install is that when I try and plug in my second monitor, it stays black screen, also my first main monitor (which is a 144hz monitor) Switches to 60hz when I plug in my second monitor. Any help in...
  3. blutopia

    [SOLVED]Grey screen on installer Catalina opencore

    I have a hackintosh with the following specs CPU: Intel Core i7 - 3770K (Ivy Bridge) MEM: 32GB DDR3 1333 hyperx blu VGA: ASUS DIRECTCU II AMD RADEON HD 7970 mb: ASUS P8Z77-V pro rev 1.xx ssd: Kingston SATA SSD When i boot into the installer with opencore, i get past all the verbose and...