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  1. Railgun

    GEN X APP (OpenCore EFI Configurator)

    The Gen X app will help build the basics of an OpenCore EFI folder for you. IMPORTANT: Knowledge of your hardware and what it will take to make it boot is essential. This app is simply a tool to expedite the process of configuring an OpenCore EFI. You will need to know what to add that is...
  2. Railgun

    Is the Dictionary app broken on Big Sur 11.0.1?

    Is the Dictionary app broken on Big Sur? every time I launch it, it goes out and downloads Wiki. It takes it a long time to do so and then the ONLY thing that shows up in the app is Wiki. In the next screenshot, I am missing regular Dictionary, Thesaurus, Apple etc that I see on the apple...
  3. Railgun

    Big Sur "Light" Appearance - Change Menu Bar Color Without 3rd Party Apps

    This maybe obvious to a lot of you, but for those who are new. If your like me and prefer macOS Light theme, the new gray menu bar can be too flat and hard on the eyes. Especially as a designer who uses a neutral gay background for work. The apple menu bar dose not stand out enough. While...
  4. Railgun

    [Success][Guide] OpenCore Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X i7 10700 (Big Sur/Catalina)

    The Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X can easily be hackintoshed using OpenCore. This was a very simple build, minimal in hardware and easy to set up. As I am on a LAN line, I do not use (nor will I cover) Wifi and Bluetooth neither of which come with the motherboard but you can easily purchase an add-on...
  5. Railgun

    [Solved] Updating OpenCore 0.5.9 to 0.6 (BlacklistAppleUdate)

    I am new to OpenCore. I went over the Dortania's updating OpenCore guide as well as the install guide. I tested with a copy of my working EFI (059), made the changes to update to v0.6. Placed this on the EFI partition of a thumb drive for testing. Boots Catalina 10.15.5 no problem! of course...

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