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    A bit of success on my laptop

    So I finally got Mac OS Installer to boot on my laptop, and I decided to make an EFI with it. Sadly the mouse won't work, actually the trackpad. When I boot to installer, I get a turn on mouse or trackpad animation but the trackpad is not moving. If you want the EFI I made for it, here ya...
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    Unable to get MacOS on my actual main PC

    Hey, so I do have also an actual main PC, with an i5-3340, 12 gb of ram, gtx 1060, 120 gb ssd and 500 gb hdd However trying to get MacOS 10.13.6 on it is just hard. I got the EFI for it but when I start macOS Installer after installation I get End OpenKernelRootVolume and then it just reboots...
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    Laptop hangs on Apple logo during boot

    Hey, so I wanted to Hackintosh my laptop. The problem is, no progress bar comes up and only the Apple logo shows up. Laptop specs: m7-6Y75 (NOT i7) 8 GB RAM 256 GB NVMe HD 515 Dell Latitude 7370 I can't share EFI folder, but I can with email or something.