1. J

    macOS Mojave Installation Success Minus Audio

    Hello guys, I was able to clean install macOS Mojave on a fresh SSD and it is up and good. However, I'm having Audio issues. The system specs are: Mobo: msi Gaming 3 Z97 CPU: Intel Core i7 3.6GHz (Sandy Bridge) GPU: Asus GT 640 I have another SSD running macOS High Sierra since last...
  2. A

    [SOVLED] HDMI audio only works sometime

    Basically my HDMI audio only works when I restart my computer using my Power Button on my case and not with the software "Shut Down..." button. I thought I could live with it but I really can't as I have to start, shutdown, and then start my computer each time I want to get HDMI audio working...
  3. vulgo

    NVIDIA HDMI Audio with AppleALC

    Apple removes support for NVIDIA audio devices starting in 10.13.4 and continuing in 10.14. AppleALC provides digital and analog audio support starting from the OS installation: Unsupported audio controller enabling (internal and external) Digital audio property injection for AMD, Intel...

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