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  1. H

    Impossible to connect bluetooth mouse on Intel NUC 10 Big Sur

    I have a small problem in my configuration, I can't connect my Bluetooth Satechi mouse to my Intel NUC 10 with Big Sur. I explain myself, I proceeded to the installation of Big Sur on all it went well, then I installed the kexts for WiFi and Bluetooth (itlwm.kext, IntelBluetoothInjector.kext...
  2. swordsx48

    OpenCore Won't Boot Anything But Big Sur

    Hi! Hope you're doing well! My OpenCore will only boot Big Sur! I've heard and seen that it works with OSes back until 10.4. Is that all with the same kexts and config.plist? I have ensured the SecureBootPolicy is set to Disabled, and surprisingly, it was with my Big Sur too. It won't boot my...
  3. J

    Intel UHD Graphics 630 stuck on 4 MB

    Hy guys, i just finishing install Big Sur on my PC ASUS H110M-E i3-7100 Intel UHD Graphics 630 After 3 of days, i try editing my config.plist Adding some value or something like that but My Graphics Is still stuck on 4MB i was following OpenCore Install Guide for build the efi and the...
  4. J

    (Solved) Lenovo s145 i7 8th gen - Big Sur - Open Core 0.6.4 - stall: 'X86PlatformPlugin'

    Hi! i'm using the levono s145 i7 8th. I installed Big Sur 11.1, but I'm having the following problem: For some reason the startup takes a long time, and it displays this error: IOKit Daemon (kernelManagerd) :: X86PlatformPlugin. Would you help me?
  5. N

    OC Big Sur not recognizing Intel HD Graphics 3000

    I have successfully been able to install Big Sur on my very old hardware. Gigabyte GA-768 XP-UD4 rev 1.0 motherboard with a Sandy Bridge i7 2600K cpu. Through some trial and error and the dortania guide, I was able to eventually install and boot up Big Sur. The problem is no matter what AAPL...
  6. zunayeds

    ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed (using OpenCore)

    Hello folkes! I'm a new member of this forum. Trying to install Hackintosh (Big Sur) for the first time. I'm using OpenCore. I was following this video tutorial: View: Steps I followed: 1. Created...
  7. T

    Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF i5-4570 8gb stuck on a screen

    I am using opencore and everytime i go to boot into the usb it stops here i have been working on this for about a month now and i could really use some help
  8. T

    XPS 13 9350 Big Sur Beta!

    Version Info This build is compatible up to Big Sur Beta Now Compatible with macOS 11 Please leave feedback with issues or w/o Comitted to Updating up to OS 11 MULTITOUCH TOUCHSCREEN SUPPORT Latest Release Notes Fixed Bluetooth and Wifi Stability Issues Improved Preformance and Power...