catalina 10.15.5

  1. melodian

    Black/pink screen after macOS 10.15.5 boot from USB

    I am setting up a new desktop with macOS Catalina, and am currently working on getting it to boot from my bootable USB. I get through the boot okay; however, whether in verbose mode or not, when it finishes booting, after a brief black screen, the standard Mac start screen (with the Apple logo...
  2. G

    Shutdown/Sleep doesn't work on my gigabyte z390 m.

    Hello guys, recently installed new Catalina OS. I've noticed my hackintosh doesn't shutdown : when I try to do it, the system keeps on restarting and I need to force shutdown directly with case button. Already checked config file and the "fix shutdown" is marked. Tried few methods did not worked...
  3. J

    [Help] Stuck in Apple logo when updating macOS 10.15.5

    Hello everyone, I am using version macOS 10.5.2 and I am trying to upgrade to version 10.15.5 via Software Update. After I hit update, I stuck with the apple logo and black. Please help me with this issue. P/s: I have the following setup Main: Gigabyte B360 M AORUS PRO CPU: Intel Core i5 9400...
  4. M

    Help me Hackintoshers, you are my only hope!

    I am having a miserable time with sleep/wake on my build. It works fine on Mojave, but with Catalina, its kind of awful. First, the build Coffee Lake i7, 3.7 Ghz GA-Z370n-wifi Samsung NVMe SSD NOTE: I'm using HDMI Audio Catalina 10.15.5 EFI Attached (apple folder omitted due to file size...
  5. sohagmahin

    Intel UHD 630 graphics 7MB [Solved]

    I followed open core 0.5.9 guide to install Catalina 10.15.5 Everything are works fine except igpu acceleration. It showed only 7mb. How can I solved it. I don't have any dedicated Graphics card.