1. K

    Help with grafics on Catalina

    Hey i´m totaly new to that and i´ve just installed my mac os on my system (see profile) but now i was wondering if there is any fix for the graphics driver for my GPU? I´ve red that there are a lot issues but just wanted to ask if there is now a fix to use that card cuz i would like to have a...
  2. K

    Opencore running really slow on Catalina 10.15.6

    Hello, my newly OpenCore hackintosh is runnign fairly slow and I'm wondering what would be the problem. my spec is CPU : i7 9750H, IGPU : UHD 630, DGPU : GTX 2070 (disabled), RAM : 16 Gb
  3. GreenWolf89

    First Time Hackintosher Stuck at Clover Boot

    Hi there, I am a long time MacOs-er, first time Hackintosher, attempting to boot Catalina 10.15.6 on my newly assembled CustoMac - I've gotten up to the Boot step using Clover/Unibeast, but after clicking Install, am encountering the Apple logo, no progress bar, and nothing more. MB: Asus...
  4. K

    Graphic driver failed to load: could not register with Framebuffer driver! OpenCore

    I have this problem on a laptop, just before entering the system or installation, can see what it says in the last line on the screenshot and then: -the mouse appears and disappears -Apple logo appears but gets stuck at about 5% and mouse reappears, movable and looks completely fine...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Persistent black screen: 5700 XT, Gigabyte Z97-UD5H-BK, i7-4790K

    I've been struggling to update my system successfully for a few days now - I've managed to install Catalina and to boot it successfully with my graphics card removed (files are there, audio works), but once I put it in, I've gotten 20+ black screens. I have tried combinations of boot flags...
  6. M

    Lenovo 510-15ikb Black light screen with correct platform-id but work with SKL spoof!

    i installed mac catalina 10.15.6 vanilla on my laptop and every thing it's okay but my problem with platform-id and device-id .. when i use correct values for them not working and give me black light screen(every thing work in background ,i can turn off my laptop) : platform-id : 00001659...
  7. T

    [HELP] Internal USB Issues (BT+CAMERA) + No Battery Status

    Hey guys, really hope someone can help me with this laptop as I couldn't find anything for it online It is the HP Envy 13 aq1050 i7 10510U 16GB RAM 256 SSD (replaced) DW1560 I am having issues getting battery status to work properly. I somehow managed to get graphics acceleration and sound...
  8. J

    Lenovo E470

    I booted from USB and managed to reach the installer. But after I installed macOS Catalina and rebooted I selected preeboot as I was instructed to do and I just met a blank screen with an Apple logo. I have never done Catalina before and I’m really confused. I have tried open core guides and...
  9. I

    Can't get Catalina to install Razer Blade Stealth 2019

    I am able to get to the part where I format the disk. I format the entire 1tb nvme ssd as apfs. The specs are a core i7, and the mx150. After looking on the forum I see that it's not listed, but there is an article I read that they were able to do it with the same laptop as mine. I'm able to get...
  10. 1

    Dell XPS 9360R fresh Catalina install hangs on second boot

    I'm installing 10.15.4 Catalina on a Dell XPS 9360R (i5 8250U, FHD, Intel UHD 620) and have created my Clover EFI USB and installed Catalina onto my machine. However, it won't finish the second boot from my drive with Catalina. Instead, it hangs with IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3. I've...
  11. Y

    [Solved] Stuck on Apple logo at booting in Catalina 10.15.4

    Hi, I used EFI folder from kasix since he has Z390 Aorus Elite motherboard with Inte i7-9700k. I copied it to EFI folder into Pendrive. Right after booting it got stuck in the apple logo with the black background screen. By using verbose this is showing some error. I have attached the image...
  12. sslavkaa

    Catalina will not wake up after sleep.

    Not sure were to even begin to diagnose the issue. But almost on the daily basis my Catalina Hackintosh will not wake up from sleep, forcing me to hard reboot. Anybody have any clues?
  13. T

    # Help | CATALINA10.15.4 | delete code | compilation for laptop battery | please

    Hello friends, I hope you are well where you are .... i want to ask please help me remove | this code please If ((PM6H == One)) { CreateBitField (BUF0, \_SB.PCI0._Y0C._RW, ECRW) // _RW_: Read-Write Status ECRW (If (PM0H)...
  14. A

    Problem when entering MacOS Catalina 10.15.4 installation

    Hi, Before in March I have tried macOS Mojave and it worked fine and I have spent one month with it, after that I switched back to Win10. Now, I tried to install the newer version Catalina and when I prepared everything and installed the Clover bootloader and the old Clover folder that worked...
  15. S

    (solved) Catalina vs Amd Radeon R9 290x - Cant boot after installation

    I had a 100% perfect hackintosh with Nvidia 980 ti, but i need catalina so i bough Amd Radeon r9 290x because i though it was an easy GPU to hackintosh... I have a very old "helper" GPU and i boot into Catalina using that gpu and as you see on the image everything exept gpu is working nicely...
  16. D

    Dell xps 13 9333 Hackintosh

    Hi everyone, I have a problem creating a hackintosh in my xps 13 933 ultrabook. I state that I am not a hackintosh expert and it is the first time that I do one. When I insert the USB with Catalina, after fixing the bios, a black screen remains on the PC. Can you tell me what I should do? should...
  17. K

    Catalina: Stuck at apfs_module_start:1689

    Im a bit stuck in getting Catalina Hackintosh to install on my PC. (Going to be a Clover-based (already implemented) dual boot with Windows 10) My setup looks as follows: Intel Core i5-6500, S-1151, 3.20GHz, Quad-Core, 6MB L3 Cache Asus ATX ROG Maximus VIII Hero Alpha, S-1151, Intel Z170, USB...
  18. S

    I am building (now finish) AMD Ryzen 3950x OSX and need little feedback and help!

    Hi guys and girls I am building (now finish) this computer for OSX Catalina, now i have Windows 10 Pro on it. AMD Ryzen 3950x NZXT Kraken X63 280mm Gigabyte X570 AORUS MASTER - ATX / X570 Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT Gaming OC G.SKill Trident Z Neo 64GB (4x16GB) / 3600MHz / DDR4 / CL16 /...
  19. S

    Please need help with strange problem on my hackintosh Z390 Gigabyte Designare

    I have a strange problem and its that my hackintosh (intel i9 9900K, with z390 Gigabyte Designare Motherbord, Gigabyte AMD RX 580 AORUS 8GB, Samsung 970 EVO Plus Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 64GB ram I build bootable USB (Vanila edition Catalina 10.15.4 ) with UniBeast 10.1.0 - Catalina and...
  20. A