1. T

    XPS 13 9350 Big Sur Beta!

    Version Info This build is compatible up to Big Sur Beta Now Compatible with macOS 11 Please leave feedback with issues or w/o Comitted to Updating up to OS 11 MULTITOUCH TOUCHSCREEN SUPPORT Latest Release Notes Fixed Bluetooth and Wifi Stability Issues Improved Preformance and Power...
  2. D

    Opencore 0.5.8 Install Hangs Dell Inspiron 7586

    Hello, I'm attempting to install Catalina on my i5-8265U Dell Inspiron 7586 2-in-1. I've gone through the vanilla laptop guide several times. I've tried troubleshooting many different things but it seems no matter what I do the install hangs early on. I've included a copy of my EFI (SMBIOS info...
  3. Red200220

    Dell XPS L501X Hackintosh?

    Hey @Edhawk ! So i have a very old dell laptop dell xps l501x. Its getting wasted since i am not able to install windows on it, its giving me some errors, so i thought of installing macos onto it. It has a legacy bios, no uefi. So i tried to install mavericks with the unibeast installer. When i...
  4. D

    Dell xps 13 9333 Hackintosh

    Hi everyone, I have a problem creating a hackintosh in my xps 13 933 ultrabook. I state that I am not a hackintosh expert and it is the first time that I do one. When I insert the USB with Catalina, after fixing the bios, a black screen remains on the PC. Can you tell me what I should do? should...
  5. T

    XPS 13 9350 Catalina Sleep/Wake Black Screen

    Hey guys, hope all is well. I would really love some help on this issue. I've been compiling a guide for Catalina on the XPS 13 9350 but I have run into a couple problems and I would really really love some help. 1) Sleep wake does not function properly, just reverts to a black screen on wake...
  6. alprio

    Dell latitude e6520 random freezes

    Hello again, I have a dell latitude e6520 and I get random freezes. 10.13.6 (17G10021) Sometimes laptop runs about an hour ,sometimes 5 hours. I can't narrow it down. Sometimes it continues to play music even freezed. its like screen freezes but I can move the mouse. I have changed the HDD with...
  7. B

    Dell Latitude E5540 - First Time Hackintosher

    Hey Folks - First off, this site is great and has been a wealth of knowledge for me trying to figure out how to go about creating a Hackintosh, so thank you for all the content you've provided to date. I will readily admit I am a completely new to this, and as such, will probably ask or say...
  8. S

    Macos MoJAVE Hackintosh stuck at black screen

    Hi guys. i have a dell latitude 3350 with core i3 5005U cpu and intel graphics. and im trying to install mac os mojave on it. but when i boot into klover bootloader i click on my installation/usb and i get nothing but a black screen. can anyone help me?