1. F

    [SOLVED] Nvidia acceleration on Mojave

    Hello everyone! How can I get a full Nvidia acceleration for gtx 1050ti even in non-official way. I am not afraid to do it in non-official way. Sorry for my English) Thanks in advance!
  2. B

    Gigabyte Designare "thunderbolt: no drivers loaded"

    Hello all, I appreciate any help anyone can provide. I'm new to the hackintosh community and I recently got a Gigabyte Designare 9900k hackintosh build finally working using a vanilla install using clover. I have a pair of G-raid thunderbolt 2 drives that I'd love to use with the onboard...
  3. vulgo

    [APP] Install NVIDIA Web Drivers with Web Driver Manager

    Web Driver Manager Configurable, free and open-source menu bar app automating some common web-driver-related tasks and troubleshooting options Installing: Download the latest image from the Releases page at GitHub How to: Install the latest NVIDIA web drivers Select Show Driver Updater in the...

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