1. T

    XPS 13 9350 Big Sur Beta!

    Version Info This build is compatible up to Big Sur Beta Now Compatible with macOS 11 Please leave feedback with issues or w/o Comitted to Updating up to OS 11 MULTITOUCH TOUCHSCREEN SUPPORT Latest Release Notes Fixed Bluetooth and Wifi Stability Issues Improved Preformance and Power...
  2. vulgo

    [Guide][10.14] Gigabyte H97N-WIFI Hackintosh

    Here is a guide for building an H97N-WIFI Hackintosh. I used the following components: Case: Lian Li PC-C50B Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H97N-WIFI CPU: Intel i5 4600 RAM: 8GB Zeppelin brand memory (2x4GB) GPU: Sapphire Pulse RX 580 2.5" SSD: 480GB Sandisk Ultra 2 2.5" HDD: 640GB WD Black (2x320GB)...