1. ThatAppleFan-124

    OpenCore MacOS BigSur on Dell Inspiron 3670

    Hi Guys, I have have an old dell insprion 3670 laying around.I recently tried to hackintosh it with bigsur.I get to the apple logo and no progress bar. When in verbose mode it gave me this error when it had a kernal panic:.com.apple.AppleIntelGFLgraphicsFramebuffer. I am guessing this has got...
  2. dognutter69

    [GUIDE] DualBoot/ Multiboot using Opencore.

    The Greatest Issue with opencore Bootloader is you cannot boot other OS within Opencore Bootloader menu. you have use BIOS to choose boot device or using Bootcamp and doing bless override. so I decided to make a guide to do multiboot windows10, Linux and macOS 10.15.4 Catalina. link to the...
  3. Zemelware

    Stuck at language selection screen on Catalina 10.15.3 installation

    Hello everyone, By now I've spent many hours trying to install macOS Catalina, and this is the furthest I've gotten. So I get stuck on the language selection screen. When I click the next button, it doesn't do anything. I've looked up this issue, but nothing seemed to help, and by the way I'm...
  4. Zemelware

    Stuck at Apple Logo/Grey screen. Tried many solutions already

    Hello Everyone, I've spent many hours trying to figure out how to deal with all the errors and problems to get my macOS Catalina Hackintosh up and running, and this is the furthest I've gotten, but now I get stuck at the apple logo, and sometimes I get stuck at this grey screen that has some...
  5. D

    Dell xps 13 9333 Hackintosh

    Hi everyone, I have a problem creating a hackintosh in my xps 13 933 ultrabook. I state that I am not a hackintosh expert and it is the first time that I do one. When I insert the USB with Catalina, after fixing the bios, a black screen remains on the PC. Can you tell me what I should do? should...
  6. S

    Dual Boot - How to tell my hackintosh to use the integrated graphics and windows to use the GPU ?

    Hi Everyone, Brand new on this forum, and I will start my first post with a problem I have on my 2016 hackintosh build with the following specs : Dual Boot on separate SSD Mac & Windows i7 4770k GA-Z97-HD3 8Gb DDR3 2400MHz G.Skill Ares GTX 960 2Gb My problem : I recently bought a new GPU...
  7. Red200220

    Opencore running really slow on Catalina 10.15.4

    Hello. Opencore is running really really slow on Catalina 10.15.4. So It was running perfectly before I put the ssdt-pnlf for enabling Brightness control. it is running really slow and I verified my config with the sanity checker and its all correct. can someone please help. I am attaching my oc...
  8. H

    Hackintosh HELP!

    Hi, i'm new in this forum... I want create an Hackintosh with my laptop Asus X555LA-XO077H i3-4030U 12GB Ram 500GB HDD HD 4400 could you recommend the most suitable version and link me a guide or download links?
  9. B

    MBR Hackintosh doesnt boot freezes on opendirectoryd crashed: too many corpses

    I made an MBR Hackintosh on a vhd file and it works fine in VMware. I copied to the MBR partition in my computer and it shows up in clover. When I boot with clover it eventually freezes on Process[xxx] crashed: opendirectoryd. Too Many corpses and also says something about a shared region...
  10. C

    MSI GF65 9SD Laptop Catalina Problem

    Hey guys, just bought a new laptop MSI GF65 9SD with an Intel® Core™ i7-9750H Hexa Core, 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2666MHz and an Intel® UHD Graphics 630 + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB GDDR5. I always wanted to try an use Mac OS and now that I have a decent laptop I was giving it a try. I downloaded...
  11. dognutter69

    [GUIDE] Make A $400 Build Hackintosh in 2020

  12. dognutter69

    [GUIDE] How You Can Install macOS Catalina 10.15.3 on HP Pavilion 15

    for hp pavilion ab030tx https://kextcache.com/guide-how-you-can-install-macos-catalina-10-15-3-on-hp-pavilion-15/
  13. C

    help please haha Stuck? Lol

    I know you're all busy but I was wondering if I could receive some help/advice. I am currently building a hackintosh (going for dual-boot) Using Mojave and I got stuck on this message. What should I do? My Clover folder is a mess and I need a clean one with only the necessary files. My specs...
  14. athiqbe

    Catalina: Stuck at apfs_module_start:1683

    so i downloaded mac os catalina recovery image .. through < GIBMACOS > flashed it to usb used the same clover efi file that i usually use .. but now it get stuck at apfs module start 1683 i have hp laptop 15 bc403nb core i 8750h gpu nvidia 1050 which is disabled with < nv-disabled=1> and...
  15. M

    stuck on apple logo screen

    Hi, i'm trying to install mac os mojve on my windows pc Specs: CPU: Intel i5-9600k MOTHERBOARD: Asus Z390-F GPU: nvidia rtx 2070 Evga FTW I tryied with catalina, but i can't boot, last week i installed with success mojave, but it was an old versione so i couldn't install xcode. I built the...
  16. M

    Stuck on apple logo loading

    I'm new in hackintosh, i tried to install it on my desktop computer, but when i boot from the usb appares the apple logo but it can't load more than 3/4 of the bar. Can someone halp me?
  17. G

    Help installing Mojave - No Display after install, So Close but Stuck

    Have used latest version of Clover v.2.5k_r1503 and then Clover Config (latest version) to modify config.plist file. I have been following the guide from Morgonaut's youtube for Vanilla install for the most part. So I have finally made it to the installation of Mojave up until the system...
  18. dognutter69

    [GUIDE] i5-9400F Hackintosh Workstation in 2020

    Checkout! https://kextcache.com/guide-the-budget-hackintosh-workstation-with-9th-gen-processors/
  19. tonyd5915

    Can't load kexts - Not entitled to link kext - failed to load executable for kext

    I am an idiot. Post deleted.
  20. U

    Stuck at grey screen with a white box and cursor | Vanilla Catalina i7-7700k RX580 H270M-ITX/ac

    I'm trying to install Catalina fresh onto my setup. I set up the installation USB via the Vanilla Hackintosh method. However, every time I boot I get stuck on this page: As you can see my cursor is on there; however, if I click on the white box then my cursor disappears permanently. It stays...

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