hp microtower

  1. A

    No audio

    Hello. I have 1 issue with my first hackintosh laptop - there is no audio and the icon is greyed, I’ve created the setup 2 or 3 years ago by following tony’sMac guide for Clover, however the audio and the wi-fi were never activated. However a few days ago i’ve decided. to start using...
  2. johnnyispartain

    HP Pro Microtower 3005 // AMD Radeon 5450, AMD Athlon II x2 250 - Advice For A Noob?!

    So I have been stumped for quite awhile now. Everytime I boot I get a kernel panic. Tbh I am not even sure if my hardware is completely compatible. I have attached a file of my entire speccs on my PC so feel free to chime in if you please!