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  1. S

    Dual Boot - How to tell my hackintosh to use the integrated graphics and windows to use the GPU ?

    Hi Everyone, Brand new on this forum, and I will start my first post with a problem I have on my 2016 hackintosh build with the following specs : Dual Boot on separate SSD Mac & Windows i7 4770k GA-Z97-HD3 8Gb DDR3 2400MHz G.Skill Ares GTX 960 2Gb My problem : I recently bought a new GPU...
  2. L

    Can someone patch a frame buffer for me (High Sierra) UHD 630

    hello, I'm new to hackintoshing and I managed to get everything working except for graphics accelration I attempted to patch the frame buffer myself to get it to work but it never seems to work would really apperciate if someone could do it for me
  3. V

    Out of ideas (pink screen Intel HD 630)

    Hello folks, I am officially out of ideas. I did a clean install on my hackintosh (10.14.2) yesterday and since Nvidia is not providing drivers probably in the near foreseeing future probably I wanted to use my integrated graphics. My bios settings are: Initial Display output: IGFX Internal...
  4. E

    [SOLVED] DisplayPort No Signal

    This was my first computer build ever, and it was successful overall. I have OS X installed and everything is up and running. The only issue that I have run into is that I cannot get my computer to output through the DisplayPort. I have been temporarily using HDMI but would prefer DP so I can...
  5. Hackintosher

    Coffee Lake UHD 630 Graphics - FrameBuffer Injection 0x3E918086 0x3E928086 for High Sierra

    Coffee Lake doesn't have it's own Framebuffer as of 10.13.4, but what we can do is use the Kaby Lake Framebuffer by inserting the Device ID's of UHD 630 0x3E918086 for i3 and 0x3E928086 i5/i7 after which you can set as your FakeID in config.plist. By connecting these Device ID's to the Kaby Lake...

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