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  1. B

    TransMac alternative for creating catalina usb installer

    I downloaded the Catalina dmg file and used TransMac free trial to build a Catalina usb installer. However, I received this error (could not write to mac volume) when trying to write the file to USB drive. Any other option left other than TransMac?
  2. Raine

    [GUIDE] HOW-TO: Create a MacOS Catalina 10.15.0 USB Installer Drive w/Clover

    HOW-TO: Create a MacOS Catalina 10.15.0 USB Installer w/Clover Bootloader On my Hackintosh I have a “vanilla” install of MacOS Catalina, meaning I've kept MacOS untouched and have done all the modifications necessary outside of the actual operating system. To install the latest MacOS I had to...
  3. dombro22

    Can't boot into HighSierra installer

    Hi, I've got HUGE problem booting into HighSierra installer. i did everything exactly the same like in this guide (of course patches for my hardware and software too), and the most i can get is 'does printf work'? and then reeboot -...
  4. totoze

    Download for a mac drive disk image (.dmg file) bootable macOS Mojave installer with clover

    Hello , I had a dmg file of a bootable usb installer of macOS Mojave beta with clover , it seems to be corrupt now since when I boot to it clover starts up normally but I don't see an option to boot into macOS only to Windows 10 (which I have installed multiple times on multiple drives on my...
  5. E

    Mojave 10.14.2 installer gIOScreenLockState 3

    I tried to follow this guide for the 10.14 version. I quickly found out I had the 10.14.2 version on my USB stick and thats why I was getting waiting for root device error. I installed the usb patch...

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