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  1. Aflic

    High Sierra 10.13.6 Login loop using Nvidia Web Drivers

    Hello, I successfully installed Hackintosh and confirmed that my NVRAM is working. I am having a login loop(can't move keyboard or mouse) when using Nvidia web drivers. It works perfectly with nv_disable=1. Using only Dedicated GPU not IGPU. I have attached my EFI down below.
  2. U

    Zotac Gtx 750ti 2048 mb showing only 1024 mb after successful installation of mac os High Sierra

    I'm having msi z79 gaming g3 mobo with i7 7700k and 16 gb ram with 120 gb ssd. After successful installation of high sierra i installed nvidia web driver and kexts. But still my graphics card is showing only 1024 mb and I'm using dual monitor setup one via dvi via vga and another one via hdmi...
  3. lexiddie

    Video playback laggy after quitting App #HighSierra

    My macbook pro video playback is fine even I use both VLC and QuickTime, when my video is playback and I quit some app, it doesn't lag but on my Hackintosh it does lag when I quit Opera or Chrome, it's like one second lag. I use SSD though, it isn't support to be laggy like that, I'm using High...
  4. vulgo

    [APP] Install NVIDIA Web Drivers with Web Driver Manager

    Web Driver Manager Configurable, free and open-source menu bar app automating some common web-driver-related tasks and troubleshooting options Installing: Download the latest image from the Releases page at GitHub How to: Install the latest NVIDIA web drivers Select Show Driver Updater in the...
  5. D

    (SOLVED) ASUS ROG Maximus HERO X + GTX 970 ( Nvidia web driver issues, flickering, gpu not loaded)

    So I just got banned from tonymac, I was just asking for help because I am out of ideas. My specs are : Asus ROG Maximus HERO X GTX 970 Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 32 GB DIMM DDR4-2400 2 x 16 GB Samsung 960 EVO 500 GB M.2 Intel Core i7 8700K Coffee Lake I initially used the Hackintosher guide (...

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