samsung nvme 970 evo

  1. F

    Dont boot Z390-P + 9900K + RX580

    Hi guys, i need help. I buy new PC. My parts: 9900K Asus Prime Z390-P (last bios 2606) RX580 16gb ram 2666 SSD nvme samsung 970 EVO. I have efi folder from my old hakintosh z390m gaming + i7 8700 + RX580. But, new config dont boot. Who have working efi config for catalina 10.15.1?
  2. Raine

    [Success][Guide] Catalina Vanilla "Hackintosh Deluxe" Z370n WiFi / i5-8400 / RX-570 (FINAL)

    READER NOTE: This build began in September of 2018. The final build and all updates are listed at the end of this post. I. The Plan This build was meant to allow me to switch to MacOS and replace my aging Shuttle XPC SG41J1 Windows PC, which is very outdated (circa 2010). I had 3 criteria when...