1. S

    Dual Boot - How to tell my hackintosh to use the integrated graphics and windows to use the GPU ?

    Hi Everyone, Brand new on this forum, and I will start my first post with a problem I have on my 2016 hackintosh build with the following specs : Dual Boot on separate SSD Mac & Windows i7 4770k GA-Z97-HD3 8Gb DDR3 2400MHz G.Skill Ares GTX 960 2Gb My problem : I recently bought a new GPU...
  2. dognutter69

    Tri-Boot your system with Hackintosh(macOS) , Linux and Windows 10

    Hello! I hope you all are doing well! I made a new Guide for Multibooting Hackintosh!
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  4. L

    Windows 10 + Mac OS = Problems?

    Hi All, Looking to install Windows 10 on secondary drive for gaming. I’ve heard that this can cause issues with my Mac OS install Just wanted to see others experience on this? Rarely game so don’t want to go to the trouble of building a computer specifically for the job and by the same...
  5. T

    Unable to dualboot: Windows shows blue recovery screen

    I recently installed macOS Sierra on another SSD in my Windows 8.1 PC, and osx boots as expected through clover without issues. Windows however, only can be booted if directly selected in the bios, if i want to boot it through clover, i get this screen (See attached). I followed several guides...