Attempting system restart... mach reboot

Feb 24, 2021
Intel uhd 630
Intel uhd 630
Your RTX graphics card will never work with macOS. It will have to be disabled either in the bios, via an SSDT or in the config.plist. I have added a boot argument to do this in the attached /Clover/config.plist.

You will only have access to the Intel UHD 630 graphics when running macOS.

I have edited your CLOVER folder to better suit your system. There are a number of changes to the drivers, kexts, SSDT's and specifically the config.plist.

Give it a try and see if it gets your system booting Catalina.

Just replace the existing CLOVER folder on your USB installation drive completely, with the one attached.
hey hear i also having the same error i have microsoft surface pro 6 intel uhd 630 please help my solve my problem error image:-