First Build - Hackintosh for Game Dev - Parts Feedback


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Jan 9, 2019
Hi All,

- a relatively painless hackintosh install.
- ease of having triple boot {OSx, Windows, Linux}
- small form factor

This computer will be used for game development.

Please critique the build. If it looks good to you awesome.
If you see pain points please let me know.

Thank you!


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Apr 10, 2018
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The parts look good and are now fairly common selections for a 'relatively painless' Hackintosh.

About the only thing I would suggest would be that you have separate SSD's for each OS you plan to install. I have assumed you plan to install the three OS's on the faster 500GB M.2 drive with the 2TB drive used for data/storage etc.

I have a number of dual booting hacks and have found that separate SSD's work much better, especially when you have an issue with one of the OS's. It is easier to work on a separate drive while not causing issues with the other OS drives. Also given how often Ubuntu, macOS and now Windows are putting out OS updates having them on a single drive, no matter how it is formatted and partitioned is in my opinion asking for trouble. But that is just my two pennies worth, you may be lucky and not have any issues.
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