First Hackintosh Build - Cannot boot anymore


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Dec 9, 2019
Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master
Intel Core i9 9900K
MSI Nvidia GTX 1080Ti
Hey everyone !

I'm recently having some troubles with my Hackintosh build. It happened after I fu***d up the EFI partition while trying to activate the Intel UHD630 iGPU on my 9900K

Error allocating 0x119a7 pages at 0x000000001d267000 alloc type 2
Couldn't allocate runtime area


Here after I will try to explain the relevant steps I followed between the last moment my computer were running ok and now.

I have this Hackintosh build since January 2019. It's was running okay until now, but without CPU acceleration.

I was using Premiere Pro and having some timeline lag issues on 4K footage. After many investigations and thoughts, I managed to activate my 9900K iGPU in order to get full hardware acceleration, and after some searches I sawn this post, so I thought "Hey this guy has the same setup as me (except the GPU), it must be as easy as a copy/paste !"

After using the config and SSDT provided in the post and activating the iGPU in bios, my macOS system was not able to boot again.

A quick research and I was able to find a way to edit my EFI partition from windows in order to try to recover my macOS system.

I finally was able to boot again by copying my old EFI folder and disabling iGPU. So I replaced VirtualSMC kexts for FakeSMC as I read in the mentioned post it was more stable. I deleted the old kexts from /L/E, added the new and rebuilt the kext cache using hackintool.

I decided to reboot to test my changes and I had an error about kernel cache. Since this moment I was not able to boot in macOS again. If I boot with -f I get a "runtime area" error, otherwise "kernel cache" loading error

I tried many configurations, different uefi drivers and kexts versions and I'm totally stuck.

Since, I also updated my bios to F10 (which by the way has bring a lot of changes compared to F9) but no difference, same errors.


- Have a working NVIDIA GPU
- Have the intel iGPU working in headless mode in order to get hardware acceleration
- Have the fans properly adjust to temps (ie, not 100% all the time)
- Run Adobe/Apple creative software (CC, FCPX, etc)
- Messages and Handoff must work


- i9 9900K
- Z390 Aorus Master (BIOS version F10)
- Nvidia GTX 1080Ti


- High Sierra 10.13.6 (Mojave isn't an option)
- APFS Filesystem
- Clover (Build v2.5k-5100)
- Clover Configurator:

You can find my EFI folder here.
There's detailed informations about my hardware, kexts/drivers versions and bios settings.

At time of writing, the revision is on commit e50f877ee73b49e5d764e54a0900ecab53df6016

I'm pretty sure the config is a bit messed up as I don't know a lot about hackintoshing and macOS kernel. I feel that I don't get the performances I paid for on the macOS system, surely because my config is not properly tuned.

Please, can someone help me with this ?

Thanks for your time
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