GEN X APP (OpenCore EFI Configurator)


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Jul 4, 2020
GigaByte Z490 Gaming X
i7 10700
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The Gen X app will help build the basics of an OpenCore EFI folder for you.

IMPORTANT: Knowledge of your hardware and what it will take to make it boot is essential. This app is simply a tool to expedite the process of configuring an OpenCore EFI. You will need to know what to add that is specific to your build as well as BIOS settings for your build.


*** All credit goes to Pavo-IM who created this app.

I had recently found out about this app and tried it on my build and it work nicely. Here are some points regarding it's use:
  • Intel & AMD CPU's
  • It uses a sample config to create a basic EFI (currently OC v0.6.7).
  • At this time, it uses HfsPlus.efi and not OpenHfsPlus.efi but they both work for me (intel I7 10700 Comet Lake/Z490).
  • It does NOT generate or include ACPI's, you have to check the guide and download what you require and place them in the ACPI folder after it is created by Gen X app. Then run ProperTree and take an OC snap shot to get the ACPI's in the config file.
  • There is a tab for SMBIOS. The app will generate and insert, but you should check coverage on Apple's Website before creating the EFI folder.
Some things to watch for:
  • I like to tidy up afterwards in ProperTree (OC Snapshot/OC Clean Snapshot). Just puts things in right order.
  • Check the boot-arg (boot arguments under the NVRAM section) after using the app. You may need to remove duplicates if any.
The app is a handy tool. Hopefully updated regularly. I do suggest that users always read the OpenCore release notes for knowledge of changes.