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Nov 24, 2020
Howdie Doodie Folks

I am a MacPro of 30's years started on a G3 all them years ago

My work computer is a good Imacpro Dual Screened it is ok

My personal mac is
MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)
2.5 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

Now had it about 4 years nice little Mac still and for the time > Time to may be get a better one
and as well maybe build a beast of a Hackintosh?

Now a local geezer builds them thar Hackinstosh Gadgets and I mean holy
Talk about Mix and Match in the Candy store can give you a fix of anything you like within reason

So I do a bit of 3d

I want to finally get away from 2d and go full on 3d for industrial design so the ability to boot as a pc as well
would be handy

So where do I start the options are bewildering

The Most important choices being

CPU chip?


Graphics card (s)?

I am so good at Type now I can't get out of the game
been trying for 30 years but the work keeps coming in
So please help me < I can do 3d real good > but just get busy

Geezer helping me says

The i9’s I use are 10-core, and considerably faster than what you’ve linked

I like the MacBookPros they are a good piece of kit

Do I go with that > 19 Core i9 < Chuck a good graphics card (or 2) at it and get on with it?
bit of ram some hard drives nice case?

What is the best Corsair Case for upgrades down the track (wow so many choices?)

My Mobile Mac will be always be a Mac Book Pro

But for smoking Video 3d projects I want the Hackinstosh to be good

or do I wait for the MacBooks to improve a bit more and get another?
this is what they have at the moment which is not bad
  • 2.3GHz 8-core ninth-generation Intel Core i9 processor

Any tips advice other options or paths really appreciated
I want to make the right choices and informed decisions

Help me Please


Apr 10, 2018
Powercolor RX 580 8GB
Most important:

CPU - Intel would be my first choice, AMD my second. Primarily because Apple currently still use Intel. You have to use an iMac Pro or Mac Pro SMBIOS with AMD, but can use iMac, Mac-mini plus the other two with Intel.

The iMac and Mac-mini can take advantage of the Intel GPU. High-End AMD desktop CPU's do not have an integrated GPU. AMD Integrated GPU's in their APU series of CPU's are not supported in macOS.

Motherboard - used to be sole preserve of Intel, but OpenCore now enables AMD boards. Just make sure it works with your CPU.

Graphics Card - AMD discrete Graphics Card. RX 5700 XT or wait and see when Apple will introduce the new RX 6000 series of dGPU's. Drivers for the 6000 series are allegedly in the next Big Sur beta released to Developers. See the Graphics card buyers guide linked below.

RAM - Again just make sure it works with your Motherboard, check the Support page for the motherboard as it will have a Qualified Vendor List for the RAM and possibly a list of NVME or SSD's.

Display/Monitor(s) - Try to use display(s) with a DisplayPort connection, as that is the best supported display connection when running macOS.

Case - to suit your motherboard and other components, generally selected for size and aesthetics. Make sure it and the motherboard have compatible USB connectors.

Power Supply - make sure it is a good PSU, probably 600W or greater, depending on the number of drives, dGPU's and other components.

WiFi & Bluetooth - see the Wireless Buyers guide below

Here are a couple of links for supported components:
Introduction | GPU Buyers Guide (
Wireless Buyers Guide | Wireless Buyers Guide (

This is an Anti-buyers guide (ones to keep clear of when building a Hackintosh) - Anti-Hackintosh Buyers Guide | Anti-Hackintosh Buyers Guide (

Do some reading and double check every component you select for your build, first for compatibility with macOS, second that there are updated drivers for the specific devices you use.

Hope this helps.


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Nov 24, 2020
Thanks it does help
I am back in the CBD as of next Monday so works dual screen set up leaves my desk
and leave me space and time to ponder and some tinkering
I am a real Fan of Benq Monitors
jeepers they do a good 32" good enough for professional retouching for abou $780AUD
get me another one after I test this one it has just been my job board in lock down

32 compared to 27 is massive and beautiful

I might post you the 3 levels of Hackintosh this guy uses as base for you to start from
and mix and match he provides support

I agonise over gear choices it pays off

I have to say after 30+ bloody years on Mac the ability to DIY customise
Frankenstein upgrade is just so Fantastic Absolutely FN fantastic

Some of the stuff Apple and Adobe put out now is too much coin for what it is
adobe are not testing their software properly before release Jeepers
I had the 2020/2021 version of Illustrator running slower that AI 88 FFS

Some people have no idea of the speed you have to work to be commercial

I mean look at Apples Mouse and Keyboard Holy

they are pieces of Crappolla

I go Logitech MX - mouse
Keyboard the Gaming RGP G910

Marco Keys colours media button sound scroller phone doc if you want it
colour schemes for each app (Fantastic)

Mx mouse holy you can customise the buttons to each app

Apple Mouse one Button and a heap of scrolling like a RETARD

There are 11 maco keys on the G910

Tell you something I sometimes do 14 hours day and with that gear
no twinge and now swelling in my wrist I used to get lumps

3 weeks to go it has been a battle 30% of the people I worked with are retrenched

3 weeks to go and a nice break to build or at least plan


When yer livelihood depends on it it has got to be stable reliable fast
and everything is there

Hackintosh makes it better than the bad ole days now you can stick it to the man

I do not doubt this is going to be good but I want it not good but to be FN Fantastic

I want to leave work who will now not let me work from home even though
I smoke more work like a trooper and go home to my Beast

That is at least twice as fast as the POS they have on my desk

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