[HELP] Internal USB Issues (BT+CAMERA) + No Battery Status


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Apr 7, 2020
Dell XPS 13 9350
i7 6700U
Intel HD 520
Hey guys, really hope someone can help me with this laptop as I couldn't find anything for it online

It is the HP Envy 13 aq1050

i7 10510U
256 SSD (replaced)

I am having issues getting battery status to work properly. I somehow managed to get graphics acceleration and sound with lots of tinkering. Also, computer runs very loud for some unknown reason despite attempted PM. Anyway, if someone could try to help me with those issues it would be amazing. Below, I have attached DSDT along with clover files.

I tried to use Hackintool to generate ports btw, they look correct but no webcam or BT detected.

As well, I have endlessly tried and failed to get battery to show up by patching DSDT so any help would be awesome. I'm happy to repay anyone who can solve my issue some way or another, any support is appreciated.

Also trackpad does not show up in pref pane but I know they're difficult to get working with 10th Gen. This is a non issue though as I edited the settings through the plist and have full gestures :)

Thank you!

I have attached a third config that I noticed (completely does not work btw) but DOES get battery status. if someone can help me figure out how it would be AWESOME


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