Help!: NUCintosh, first build.


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Jan 21, 2020
So sadly, one of the main reasons I simply can't switch to Windows is because most of the software I need for work runs exclusively on Mac and due to the incredibly stupid prices Apple is charging for current models I needed to look for other options. My line of work is mainly based on audio postproduction, so I need something that can play and process audio with almost no latency.
In my research I stumbled upon the Intel NUC kits, which is amazing hardware for the buck. (imo)
My budget oscillates around 1K/1.5K bucks, I'm aiming to get my hands on the i7 NUC, stuffing it with 32Gb of ram and luckily I already have an SSD (sata).
Also, I actually need to buy a monitor and a M&K; and here's where things start to go south, 'cause apparently WiFi and Bluetooth just won't work and well, I really need them.

So I guess my question is, should I even bother with a NUCintosh or should I try and build something a little bit more sophisticated, 'cause let me tell you, I am determined in building a hackintosh

Also if there are any sound editors or sound engineers with hackintosh experience that would like to point me in the right direction, I'd gladly appreciate it.



Apr 10, 2018
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If WiFi/BT are essential then forget the NUC.

If the small form factor is important then you may need to look at an ITX system.

However, an mATX system would probably give you more flexibility, for adding other PCI-e components.

With your budget you should have no problem purchasing a suitable system, monitor, mouse, keyboard etc. which will be functional for many years. The added bonus of the self-build is you can replace most components in the future as your needs change.

I take it as you are predominatly interested in building the system for Audio Post-Production that a GPU will not be high on your list of requirements. This will save a fair bit of money when you are looking at the components you need.

The IGPU from an Coffee Lake i7 or newer i9 CPU will probably provide all the graphics power you need.

What you need to do first is find a motherboard and case you are happy with. The two are together as the case design will dictate the size of motherboard. If you want something nice and shiney that you can sit on your desk, or a large well ventilated case that will sit out of the way. Design & Form are sometimes more important than Form, when the item is to be seen every day.

Have a look at this mATX build:
  • Case: Thermaltake Core V21 MicroATX Mini Tower Case
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming,
  • CPU: i5-8600K,
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4 3200 RAM,
  • PSU: Corsair TMX Gold Fully Modular ,
  • Corsair H60 AIO CPU cooler,
  • WiFI/BT PCi-e card: Fenvi FV-T919
  • Keyboard/mouse combo: Logitech K520
  • Monitor: AOC 24" 1920x1080
All for just under $1,000, over at Parts Picker -

I would not expect you to buy that build, but it just shows what you can do with your budget. If you look hard enough you could probably find that or a similar build for less.
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