[in progress] Data Wrangling Station - Asus Z370-A


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Apr 26, 2019
After days of research I decided to give the hackintosh a go.

I am working as a DIT on filmsets, which requires a lot of data transfer and checking. As resolutions exploded, so did file sizes. This resulted in a really stressful situation, especially shooting with more than one camera.
The goal was to improve copy speeds, no fancy graphics card or rendering (for now).
But every dedicated software for my applications runs on mac. Most DITs just use a MacBook Pro 2015 for this task. But MacBooks aren’t good for Rack Mounting.

Price Goal: 800€

Resulting from a wide variety of card readers and production harddrives my requirements are the following:

Thunderbolt 3
Thunderbolt 2 (separate PCIe Cards?)
USB 3.0

SSD with 1TB and own PCIe Lane (hot backups aka ˋcard dumpˋ)
Internal RAID 5 (cold backup)
Ethernet (NAS for external Backup)

This has to be a pure power data moving & Meta Data Editing machine, nothing else.

Current Hardware List (please advise!)

ASUS 370-A [only option for TB3?]
PCIe Expansion Card [TB3]

970 EVO NVME [OS //m.2 slot 1/2]
//add: fast 1TB [hot backup //m.2 slot 2/2]
//add: 2x 12TB [HDD as RAID //SATA]

CORSAIR Vengance RAM (fitted to final mobo)

//add: any Graphics Card ~250€ [light editing, 2 displays]
//EDIT: internal graphics could be sufficient for now

If you are reading this, this guide needs your help!
I am constantly researching a configuration that meets my requirements and really need advice and pointing in the right direction.

Does USB work in this like intended?
Are there other manufacturers for TB compatible boards and cards?
Did you read any major flaws in that thinking?
Hit me with everything you might notice or know, I will update this guide while I build it.

Thank you for your time!
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