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Apr 29, 2020
MSI z390-a pro
Been trying all day to install MacOS high sierra on a MSI z390-a pro with a i7-9700k, the bar on the installer gets stuck at 100%
I've been following this guide for high sierra, but it's for a z370, however, I saw someone using the same guide to install manjaro and it worked for him, so I figured it will work for me for the previous version of the OS.

This is the EFI I'm using
The guide said to download these two files and place them in the efi folder

Anyways, I then disabled and enabled the BIOS settings that I needed to change and then booted into the clover menu thing and continued to start the install, but like I said, the bar gets stuck at 100%
This is the only thing that shows when verbose is activated:
Any help will be appreciated, thanks 🙃



Apr 10, 2018
Powercolor RX 580 8GB
Your i7-9700K will not be recognised in High Sierra. The CPU is too new and needs a newer SMBIOS than will work with High Sierra. It needs an iMac 19.1 or similar SMBIOS to work, this only works in the more recent versions of Mojave and Catalina.

I would recommend you look to install Mojave 10.14.5 or newer, preferably a recent version of macOS Catalina.

You need to provide a copy of your ACPI tables within your /CLOVER/ACPI/origin folder so the SSDT's necessary to get Catalina running can be created for your system. The ACPI table extraction can be accomplished by pressing the F4 key while you are on the Clover boot screen. This will save the ACPI tables to the /CLOVER/ACPI/origin folder on your USB Drive.

You also need to use a newer version of Clover as you re using one that is pre- version r4986, when the CLOVER folder structure was changed. The most recent version of Clover r5115 can be downloaded from this site -

Neither the driver or kext you linked above are currently in use. The Driver has been denounced by the developer of the driver. The kext has been superseeded by recent versions of WhateverGreen.kext.

You must have looked at a very old guide.

I don't want to post a revised CLOVER folder until I see the ACPI tables for your system, as it is easy to add the wrong fix without seeing the system's ACPI tables.