Intel Xeon e5 2696v4 question with Kext use

Feb 1, 2019
ASUS-X99-Deluxe II (1902) unlocked
Intel e5-2696 v4
Nvidia Titan Xp
Hi to everyone here, My question its as follow, I own the xeon cpu mention on tittle and I will like to know if there is any advantage in use the FAKEPCIID.kext with my CPU do to there no SMBios definition with this type of CPU. I know there is a lot kernel to patch for the CPU mention, and I'm using some of them. But mainly the question is before troubleshoot it my self was to here to those if someone that have same or similar setup that could share some answers, thanks in advance, oh DTW my setup is ASUS X99 DLX2, e52696v4 CPU and yes a lot of people may say hey thats its a Xeon 2699v4 but yes it is but not the same specs, 2699 = 3.6boost clock and 145TDP and the 2696 OEM 3.7boost clock 150TDP and the OSX don't recognize the cpu as its cause they weren't that many system definitions made during Broadwell EP.