Large and Enormous Thermaltake Cases W100 W200


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Nov 24, 2020
Please have a look at these and tell me what you think

Thinking about this for the case

and even bigger

My thinking is to plan my initial build so that is can be upgraded in not a linear of modular fashion
which is good

But in a Matrix of potential Future upgrades

allowing amorphous asymetric growth in any direction like excuse the pun THE MATRIX on Steroids

The Beast as I am Christening my Hackintosh or Maybe the Saint

Intends to be more than a combination of Mac and Pc

I want to look at a way that Future upgrades ad to past ones or a the least get shunted to the side or upwards in those
bloody enormous cases with Modular components

Some things I want to do are
Run Multiple Graphics Cards

Run PC and Mac in the same box

Have Dual Back ups working every day

Be able to hard network or Wifi through the house

My Daughters are both top notch creatives I want them to be able to use the Beast to create

I will draw up my initial sketch Matrix and hand it to my Hackintosh guru

The Sketch will be hexagons not rows and columns

There will a be a Hex for our start points that go out in 6 directions of future cross grades and upgrades



Graphics card


So paper is cheap but and interaction pdf if better

So we sketch out a simple modest start point that barely fills this box
but have planned 2- 3 years of upgrading

That is kind of Future proof fingers crossed or allows the future to be crammed in there as it becomes available?

The Nice thing about those cases is the filters the mesh
like anything there may be some down sides

Our first phase build may look a little spartan - plenty of room for some serious cooling

Anyone got any thoughts on best choice or brand of graphics cards to run multiples

My Guru has no objections to these

Also what possibilities are there I have not mentioned?

and draw backs other than taking up a heap of room?


Apr 10, 2018
Powercolor RX 580 8GB
The two other draw backs to something as large as this it the noise it would generate, and the power it would use.

Both cases really are overkill, never mind exorbitantly expensive. The second looks a lot bigger than some company servers I have worked on. I am sure you Guru has no objection, he is not paying for one of these cases.

Seriously, if you want a quiet, cooled case look at a Fractal Design or Lian Li case, they both offer some fairly large, robust, easily expandable, easy to work on, quiet and in comparison to the two you linked, restrained cases.

Here is a link to a Define XL R2 case -

Here is a link to a Lian Li 011D XL case

Dual or multiple GPU's are available to your taste and budget. AMD RX 5000 series cards are the current go to cards. But the new AMD RX 6000 series is about to be released and macOS should have the drivers for these cards in the next release of Big Sur.

If you want a top end system, which is appears you do, then you need to look at the X299 series of motherboards and a compatible 2011 socket CPU, or its successor if there ever is one.

The X299 systems have plenty of room for 100's of GB's of RAM and have many more PCI lanes than a standard desktop, which are essential if you want to build a multi-GPU system with scope for connecting multiple drives, SSD's NVME's and spinning disks.


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Nov 24, 2020
Thanks I really appreciate your comments

will look into those cases in detail the second
Looks particularly nice

Without suffering from too much paralysis by analysis

I have adobe illustrator open with a hex grid
and I am going through a paper or pdf planning build

Like putting the parts on the bench and reviewing options

The Gear is how I make my living and it is fun but it is an investment
and is Tax deductible to a degree

1 year allowable depreciation on a Mac Tower gets you a Custom Hackintosh
that is pretty nice

I head back into the cbd by paid taxi 7am set up away we go

30% of my colleagues are gone because of COVID lock down and chaos

COVID is war for me - that is how I have approached it there not tools
they are weapons

Working remotely my IT support people mocked me for having a 3rd monitor
I need a third monitor I see job que changes and have started on deadlined
work before the email is sent of the phone rings I now have and awesome hands free
phones system

I am getting a little bit sick of the attitude of some people (not you) they probably will
not let me use my power book for remote self study so Stuff them all

I am also sick of Adobe not testing their god damned software before releasing it

I want/need a system that can do anything for anyone anywhere at anytime
at home

Might be Mac Might be PC might be 2D might be 3D

When they pull the plug on me one day Ce Le Ve, Ca Cera Cera

Jeepers those thermaltake power supplies have a 10 year warranty

My Daughter works for New York from Aus with Zero Fuss compared to the BS
I am dealing with

With Gear it is not so much the gear but what you use it for

I like that saying from Chuck Yeager

Remember it's the Man not the Machine

I used to free lance graphics manually while studying industrial design
earned good coin The Mac came along - Adobe Postscript - The Tools - The power
The Progression - what a Wave it has been - I kind of can't keep up
I love the Creative Suite ADOBE XD jesus that is beautiful

OMG what you can do with that baby Holy Guacamole

I have been told so many times I am going to be obsolete
Good Typography never goes out of Fashion and never will in another 1000 years
It is black gold Large Companies and Senior people hire people who treat it like should be like a jeweller treats cutting a diamond

360 changes your have one hit at this and it goes to the CEO no pressure
I nailed it in one pass - stick that mofo is 100% accurate good enough

Honestly Drama Queens

Dealing with People's communication is so ?

I think you need to squeeze every ounce out of your gear

I still have one of those early MacMinis JESUS what a great little mac

Did one job and it paid for itself

Will this who knows a couple a Local Video jobs should do it
Who knows

What you can do now what people have at their finger tips JESUS
I started on I think a G3

I had to demo a 180k MAC set up I had customised Fart Sounds while preparing it
I was getting ready to present and I all the suites were coming down the hall lucky I made a mistake before they came into the room and changed it back to the normal beep

ONE MISTAKE and you CAREER is over

Could have ended my Career

3 weeks to go


Apr 10, 2018
Powercolor RX 580 8GB
You a comedian?