Mojave - MSI h310m pro vdh-plus


Apr 10, 2018
Powercolor RX 580 8GB
The kexts in your /CLOVER/kexts/Other folder are fine. They are all old versions but ok for your system.

The issue is you have a config.plist that is set for a system with a discrete AMD graphics card, but you only have an IGPU.

The IGPU framebuffer in the Devices > Properties section is set as Headless, it should be set with a Framebuffer that has connectors, which can drive a display.

Before you can install and run macOS on a PC you need to make sure the Bios is set correctly for macOS.

You need to use these BIOS settings:
  1. Virtualisation : Enabled
  2. VT-d : Disabled
  3. XHCI Hand-Off : Enabled
  4. Legacy USB Support: Auto/Enabled
  5. IO SerialPort : Disabled
  6. Network Stack : Disabled
  7. XMP Profile : Auto / Profile 1/Enabled
  8. UEFI Booting set to Enabled and set Priority over Legacy
  9. Secure Boot : Disabled
  10. Fast Boot : Disabled
  11. OS Type: Other OS
  12. Wake on LAN : Disabled
Intel iGPU:
  1. Integrated Graphics : Enabled
  2. Graphics: IGD/Integrated/iGPU/CPU Graphics
  3. DVMT Pre-Allocated : 128M or higher
Your system may not have all these settings, some may be hidden within other settings, CSM and UEFI booting being the ones to spring to mind.

You will also need to make sure your Graphics options are set correctly, i.e. Intel graphics enabled, and IGFX or Internal set as default, so your UHD 630 is priority graphics option.

Your USB installer should be connected to one of the USB2 ports on the rear of the case, not a USB3 port.

I have amended your CLOVER folder to better suit your system, updating kexts, adding SSDT's and fixes patches required for a Coffee Lake system.

See if the attached CLOVER folder works any better.