Need buying advice

Jun 25, 2019
Hi i was thinking to build a hackintosh capable of dual booting to play games on my windows and do some app dev or video editing on mac os, which motherboard+cpu combi should i get?
i have listed the rest of my components below.
ASRock would be a cheaper option but i dont really see many people using them on hackintoshes so i am not really confident in getting one, but i might take it for the price
Ive read good things about ASUS and Gigabyte on the forums and thus thought it might be a good choice. Please suggest any boards you guys think is not too expensive and good at the same time!

the prices here are in my local currency(sgd), therefore may look a little far off from what you guys see haha

asrock z390 pro 4 (178) /z370 pro 4 (176) + i5 8400(279)
gigabyte z370xp sli(200) /Gigabyte z390 gaming x (221) + i3-8350k(250)/i5 8400(279)
Asus prime z370-a ii(212) + i3-8350k/i5 8400

Saphire Pulse RX580 8gb
cooler master 650w psu (i forgot the model)
GSkill 16gb ram 3000mhz (8x2)
probably 2 m.2 ssds 1tb for mac and 500gb for windows
WD Blue 1TB( for windows to store games)
and another 2.5 inch hard disk (token from my laptop) to store mac backup? i think i saw a few posts recommending to keep a hard disk for back up
fractal design meshify c

I hope to be able to install macos easily preferably using the vanilla method :)

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