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Jul 2, 2019
Gigabyte B360 Aorus Pro
Kaby lake Core I7-8700
Shapphire RX 580 Special edition
I was so depressed for almost a week and tons of fresh reinstall Hackintosh to find the solution for my Hackintosh system which was only worked if IGPU turned off (FCPX work with RX580 and without GPU acceleration) or IGPU turned on, having GPU acceleration and FCPX crashes while opening.

I read all the chat from two guys in this thread, and work out with their config.plist and find out what was wrong. So from my research, I want to write a new thread to help everybody with the same issue as me.

-First of all, I'm a newbie and I don't know as much about Hackintosh, what I introduce in this topic is what I figured out from the topic above, and not my invention.

(Recommend/Optional) You should fresh install Hackintosh High Sierra or Mojave using UniBeast and MultiBeast follow tonymacx86 instructions.
Second. (Recommend/Optional) If you want to install Kexts, I recommend using Hackintool follow this thread, instead of copy to Library/Extensions or EFI/Clover/kexts/Other
Now let jump into it.

1. If you are not from fresh installing, Please delete all these kexts if you have them in Library/Extensions or EFI/Clover/kexts/Other
- Shiki.kext
- IntelGraphicsFixup.kext
- FakePCIID.kext
- FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext

->Rebuild kext cache by Hackintool ->restart
(these kexts made my system cannot boot I think it because they were conflicted with WhateverGreen.kext)
2. Now use Hackintool to install newest of WhateverGreen.kext and Lilu.kext. (should Rebuild kext cache by Hackintool after install) and restart.
3. Next step.
  1. Navigate to Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/
  2. Open config.plist with Clover Configurator
  3. Select Boot on left-side column
  4. Under Arguments (Custom flags) please delete all these follow if you have:
    whatever shikigva ( like: - shikigva=4/ - shikigva=12 /- shikigva=1/- shikigva=60 ....or whatever related to shikigva)
    and delete whatever -rad (like: -rad4200,.... )
  5. add -disablegfxfirmware (if Kaby Lake & Coffee Lake Users)
  6. Select Devices on left-side column
  7. Set IntelGFX box to: 0x59128086 or if using an i3-8100/i3-8350k set to: 0x59168086
  8. Select Graphics on left-side column
  9. Set ig-platform-id to: 0x59120003
4. DSDT Patching
HECI -> IMEI Patch
is needed in config.plist in order for the iGPU + dGPU to still function properly after sleep, along with the other two DSDT patches GFX0 -> IGPU and PEGP -> GFX0 patch when you have integrated and dedicated graphics running at the same time. Without these patches the fixes in this guide wont persist through sleep and everything will break.
  1. In config.plist Select Acpi on left-side column of Clover Configurator
  2. Verify you have the following under DSDT -> Patches. It’s important that GFX0 -> iGPU is before PEGP -> GFX0
  3. HECI -> IMEI Patch
    1. Comment: change HECI to IMEI
    2. Find* [Hex]: 48454349
    3. Replace [Hex]: 494d4549
  4. GFX0 -> IGPU Patch
    1. Comment: change GFX0 to IGPU
    2. Find* [Hex]: 47465830
    3. Replace* [Hex] : 49475055
  5. PEGP -> GFX0 Patch
    1. Comment: change PEGP to GFX0
    2. Find* [Hex]: 50454750
    3. Replace [Hex]: 47465830
  6. Save config.plist
  7. Restart Hackintosh & Enter BIOS
5. BIOS Changes:
In BIOS there are two very important settings that are going to make or break whether you can use FCPX reliability. The first is setting is changing the Initial or Primary Display/Graphics to either the dGPU or iGPU as leaving it on Auto will cause performance to suffer. The next setting is to enabled the iGPU at all times since it’s used by FCPX. On Gigabyte the the setting is easy to find, but on ASUS, ASRock, MSI motherboard the setting is disguised as IGPU Multi-Monitor. Enabling the iGPU full time is necessary to get Hardware Encoding for FCPX. If you have the iGPU Multi-Monitor setting, set it before setting the Primary/Initial Display as it may reset the latter to iGPU without you noticing.

Also let’s set DVMT Pre-Allocated/Share Memory. If you don’t see it in it’s proper location, set the other two settings properly and reenter BIOS and it should be there, as the iGPU needs to sometimes be enabled first for it to be changeable.


  • Chipset → Integrated Graphics : Enabled
  • Chipset → DVMT Pre-Allocated :128M (some people recommend leave it as usual = 64M, I'm not sure what is right, I'm using 128M)
  • Nvidia or AMD
    • Peripherals → Initial Display Output : PCIe 1 Slot
  • Intel iGPU
    • Peripherals → Initial Display Output : IGFX

  • Advanced \ System Agent(SA) Configuration → IGPU Multi-Monitor : Enabled
  • Advanced \ System Agent(SA) Configuration → DVMT pre-Allocated : 128M (some people recommend leave it as usual = 64M, I'm not sure what is right, I'm using 128M)
  • Nvidia or AMD
    • Advanced \ System Agent(SA) Configuration → Primary Display : PCIE
  • Intel iGPU
    • Advanced \ System Agent(SA) Configuration → Primary Display : CPU Graphics

  • Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → IGPU Multi-Monitor : Enabled
  • Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → Share Memory : 128MB
  • Nvidia or AMD
    • Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → Primary Graphics Adapter : PCI Express
  • Intel iGPU
    1. Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → Primary Graphics Adapter : Onboard

  • Advanced \ Integrated Graphics Configuration → IGD Multi-Monitor : [Enabled]
  • Advanced \ Integrated Graphics Configuration → DVMT Pre-Allocated : [128M]
  • Nvidia or AMD
    • Advanced \ Integrated Graphics Configuration → Initiate Graphic Adapter : [PEG]
  • iGPU?
    • Advanced \ Integrated Graphics Configuration → Initiate Graphic Adapter : [IGD]

Restart, and enjoy the results.

Optional extra steps (if you installed kexts by copying to EFI/Clover/kexts/Other):

  1. Mount EFI partition
  2. Copy Lilu.kext & WhateverGreen.kext
  3. Paste them in location /Library/Extensions
  4. Enter Password
  5. Restart Hackintosh
  6. Boom!


1. Fix issues with sleep/shutdown/restart
(like blackscreen when wake from sleep, sleep equal shutdown, restart after wake from sleep, etc).
Some recommend to add Darkware=0/2/8/10 ect, add somethings in Boot or Deleted the files in /Library/Preferences/
But nothing works. Finally this thread save me.
Just by do two things:
adding slide=0 in the BOOT.
2rd: install EmuVariableUEFI-64.efi

2. Most newbies don't know how to check GPU acceleration on Hackintosh.

These two app two check it. MacX Video Converter Pro and VideoProc
(these screenshot capture from my MacBook Pro 2018, not from Hackintosh because my friend is using it right now)

Who am I? I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner from Vietnam, and just want to help everybody, and to show how good Falun Dafa is. Thanks all.
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