SSD + HDD combination

Jun 25, 2019
Is it possible to have 4 drives in a build?
im looking to build a dual boot hackintosh, booting macOS and Windows.
Is it possible that i have an SSD for the MacOS and an HDD for storage for the mac and an SSD for windows and an HDD for storage on windows.
I already have 3 drives (1ssd +2HDD) that has been used for my windows build previously so i was thinking if i shd just go for a lower storage SSD or go all out far a 1TB ssd for the macOS


Apr 10, 2018
Powercolor RX 580 8GB
Yes having separate drives for each OS and then for Data is a common way to setup a dual booting system. It keeps everything nice and separate so if one drive messes up you don't lose anything from the other three. The minimum size SSD you should install for macOS would be a 250GB drive. Anything smaller and you could easily be running out of space once you have all your Applications installed. 1TB disk might be overkill, but as the price for these larger disks drop the cost it is becoming less of an issue.

Two additional thoughts to add to the mix, and for you to think about:

First, You may want think about allowing/enabling each OS so they can read and write to the other disks. I use Paragon's HFS+ for Windows and NTFS for Mac drivers. You can also set up a 'Shared FAT32' partition on your NTFS or HFS+ drive as both OS's can read and write to this type of partition. There are a couple of drawbacks to this in that there is a maximum file size that a FAT32 partition can store, 4GB. but for general data sharing it should not be an issue.

Second, you will need to think about how and where you are backing up your OS drives and data drives. While Time Machine is reasonably good for the Mac side I would not rely on that alone. Carbon Copy Cloner is a good backup/Disk cloning application for Mac, but it is not free. It works with HFS+ and APFS drives. SuperDuper is another backup/disk cloning application for Mac that has a free but limited version. The paid for version has more functions, similar to the Carbon Copy Cloner app but not as graceful in my opinion. This free version would be good for taking snapshots (clones) of your macOS disks but not for incremental backups.

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