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Apr 6, 2018
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Would there be any value to the community in creating a place where users could upload SSDT patches for USB that we've made for various motherboards?


Apr 10, 2018
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Yes, that might possibly be a good thing to do. The problem would lie in policing and verifying the SSDT or USBPort.kext submissions.

The only way I could see it working is if each SSDT-UIAC.aml or USBPort.kext was properly annotated, to show which internal header or rear I/O port is being enabled by the SSDT or kext. Open the attached SSDT-UIAC-Designare-Z390_v2.dsl I have provided as an example.

Each submission would provide the .dsl and .aml file and also have to be accompanied by a pair of images like the two attched below, for the Gigabyte Z390 Designare motherboard:

All motherboard USB ports_resize.png Motherboard Gigabyte Z390 Designare with USB ports annotated.

Designer Rear IO Layer v3_resize.png Rear I/O plate Gigabyte Z390 Designare with USB ports annotated.

These two images and the annotated .dsl confirm what physical port each virtual port is linked to under macOS. We do not want an SSDT submitted without the supporting images as that could lead to some difficulties.

The SSDT or USB ports would need to be provided as an SSDT-UIAC_MB Name.dsl and SSDT-UIAC_MB Name.aml or USBPorts_MB Name.kext

You need to PM Hackintosher to see if he wants set up some webspace to hold these SSDT's or USBPort.kext files, similarly as he does for the Nvidia Web Drivers, as he is the site Admin.

You could just start a thread in the Hardware section, with your own contribution.

If you set the rules and people don't adhere to the rules, the member can be warned and the post(s) can be deleted by myself or Hackintosher. It would need to be stated that the thread was not the place to ask for help but rather was just to be used as a repository. Any help questions would need to be raised in the Help Me forum.

The more I think about this, the more I can see a reason why this and other sites have not implemented a SSDT Repostitory.

Not wanting to be offensive in any way but some of the people who visit sites like this do some really stupid/bizzare things. I beleive they rarely read all the way through a guide before starting to make changes, which means they only use part of the guide.

They then bitch about something not working with their Hack, when the kext, SSDT, driver or whatever it was they downloaded, was never meant to be used with thier system or they way they have implimented the item. Usually it was clearly stated in the guide they failed to read and undertand, that it was not for their system! But they still went ahead and used the item.


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