Thinking about updating from High Sierra 10.13.6 to Big Sur. Where should I start?


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Apr 12, 2018
Gigabyte aorus z270x gaming k5
intel core i7 7700k
Nvidia gtx 1080 ti (EVGA FTW)
I’ve been using my hackintosh with macOS High Sierra for about 2 years now, and I haven’t updated it since I’m using a nvidia gpu (connected via DisplayPort to my monitor). I realized that I don’t really need my gpu on my hackintosh so I’m thinking about using Intel integrated graphics and updating to Big Sur (using HDMI on my motherboard to my monitor). What should I begin with since I’ve skipped 2 major updates ? Do I need to update my clover boot loader (currently using 4586)? When I first built my Hackintosh, I almost chose the same parts as this guide from Hackintosher. Back then I installed Sierra by following this guide and everything worked like a charm, and it is still running perfectly on High Sierra.

Current config:
MB: Gigabyte z270X Gaming K5
CPU: Intel Core i7 7700k (not overclocked though)
GPU: EVGA GTX 1080ti FTW3 (but planning to use Intel integrated graphics instead)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8 GB 3200mhz
macOS and Linux boot drive : Samsung 850 evo 250GB
Windows Boot Drive: Samsung 850 evo 500GB
NOTE: I’m using APFS and I also have a triple boot with Windows 10 and Linux. I’d like to be able to still using my nvidia gpu via DisplayPort with Windows. Windows has its own drive and Linux is sharing the same drive as macOS.
Thank you!


Apr 10, 2018
Powercolor RX 580 8GB
You would be advised to create a Clone of your current macOS drive before you attempt the update, use Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper. So you don't mess up your current setup and can reconnect the drive if something were to go wrong during the update.

You would also be advised to remove the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti and the Windows/Linux drive from the system when undertaking the update. As they won't then cause any unnecessary issues. They can be reinstalled once you have Big Sur installed and booting from your macOS drive.

You would need to update or switch the following:
  1. Clover bootloader to version r5129 or newer.
    • You might be better served switching to OpenCore as it has better support for Big Sur.
  2. Update Lilu.kext, WhateverGreen.kext. AppleALC.kext and your Ethernet kext.
  3. Swap FakeSMC.kext for VirtualSMC.kext, as FakeSMC is no longer under development.
  4. Swap SMCHelper.efi for VirtualSMC.efi, SMCHelper.efi is paired with FakeSMC.kext as are the VirtualSMC driver and kext. If you replace the kext you need to replace the driver at the same time.
When running macOS Big Sur you would need to disable the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti, using the -wegnoegpu boot argument. This should leave it functional for Windows and Linux.

Your HD 630 IGPU should currently be running with a Headless (Empty) framebuffer, as you have a discrete GPU installed. When you switch to using just the IGPU in macOS you will need to change the framebuffer to one that can drive a display, 0x59120000 is the recommended Framebuffer for this type of setup.

HDMI connections in macOS can be flaky, as Apple don't use the HDMI connection in any of their systems, DisplayPort is the preferred connection type when using macOS. Your motherboard has a DisplayPort connection for the IGPU, can you use this instead of the HDMI with your monitor?

Hope this helps.